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Jd's time to rant

By jdclyde ·
Well, I have just wasted most of the last three months of work at my new job. ( no, I did not lose my job )

I have been working with A vendor to get the company so they are using the more advanced features that are included in the software package, and was the sole reason I was hired.

After getting this project almost completed, the vendor informs us that they have been purchased by their biggest customer. (it gets worse)

They don't WANT to support anyone but themselves, so they have notified everyone that the existing support contracts are void, and we have 30 days to sign a new one year contract at over 3 times what we had been paying or they would no longer even answer the phone when we call.

If they would have given me ANY warning, I could have moved us to another package move a month ago easily, but now I have three weeks to complete the migration to a new system. Fun fun.

Has anyone else been blind sided by a vendor you have been with for years?

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The company we had the contract with is no more

by jdclyde In reply to I must admit I'm surpris ...

that is how they can void it.

and no, there is zero documentation for supporting this. All support has been them logging into the server if there is ever a problem and them fixing it.

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Your "cloud", sir.

by santeewelding In reply to The company we had the co ...


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If that was a ding to "Cloud Computing" great

by Screen Gems In reply to Your "cloud", sir.

because I can see this method of extortion happening, if all your stuff is done on the "Cloud". While not blatant, ever increasing costs that one must pay without the ability to "shop around" ...

JD Clyde the company lawyers should look into this. I'd move to a new vendor anyways. Who's to say that the new company isn't going to change the product, or worst, badly manage the company to the point where they go broke.

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No, their origianal customer bought them

by jdclyde In reply to If that was a ding to "Cl ...

So that makes another reason for NOT staying with them, the conflict of interests from a competitor having full access to our system.

They are trying to get rid of ALL customers IMO and turning the company into their inhouse tech team.

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I know I don't know the laws over there, but here the sale of an asset

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The company we had the co ...

like that of a service or software includes the contracts that were related to it before the sale and are part of the price - the new owner is required to honour the contracts unless they reach an agreement with the other parties. the people who took over the intellectual property rights take over the contracts as are.

If the company just folded and no one took over any rights to the software it would be different. in which case the other company can't legally offer support for the software. Since they offer support, it sounds like they bought out the rights, and the obligations that went with the software.

Either way, I'd get legal specialist advice on it. But start moving to another piece of software as these people are not ones you want to be dealing with long term.

If you lock them out of the server, is it likely to operate OK until you migrate safely? That's the next issue I'd be looking at here to.

Either way, whatever you do - good luck and I hope it works out OK for you.

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That's my understanding here in Canada as well (nt)

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to I know I don't know the l ...
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I am betting there is a clause somewhere

by jdclyde In reply to I know I don't know the l ...

I don't know.

Either way, how good of support will you get from someone under those terms?

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Likely not

by The Scummy One In reply to I am betting there is a c ...

they are likely just betting that everyone will fall in line and get a new contract without a fight.
However, they will likely fold when the lawyers get involved. Most likely they are looking at the smaller businesses just signing up for a new contract because legal fees may be an issue to them, and those pushing back will be kept under the original terms until the contract ends.
However, companies that pull this BS should be dropped as soon as possible. You should find another solution and leave these a-holes in the dust.

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yeah, some fights are not worth winning

by jdclyde In reply to Likely not

and I can not see fighting to keep these people.

I have constantly banged my head against the wall because their system sucks and is way behind the technology curve.

This move is going to be a great thing for us, I just wish I had an extra month to convert.

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Not support...

by seanferd In reply to I am betting there is a c ...
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