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Jd's time to rant

By jdclyde ·
Well, I have just wasted most of the last three months of work at my new job. ( no, I did not lose my job )

I have been working with A vendor to get the company so they are using the more advanced features that are included in the software package, and was the sole reason I was hired.

After getting this project almost completed, the vendor informs us that they have been purchased by their biggest customer. (it gets worse)

They don't WANT to support anyone but themselves, so they have notified everyone that the existing support contracts are void, and we have 30 days to sign a new one year contract at over 3 times what we had been paying or they would no longer even answer the phone when we call.

If they would have given me ANY warning, I could have moved us to another package move a month ago easily, but now I have three weeks to complete the migration to a new system. Fun fun.

Has anyone else been blind sided by a vendor you have been with for years?

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They are already doing that

by jdclyde In reply to Not support...

and we were on a bill by the month payment plan for the support.

We won't lose any money from them.

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Good show.

by seanferd In reply to They are already doing th ...

At least it doesn't sound like they are going out of their way to be difficult.

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by seanferd In reply to Jd's time to rant

That's BS. There should have been the notification of the possibility that could happen. I know businesses like to play their business close to the vest, but geez.

I've seen the same action in a different sector, but not with that type of result to clients.

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Another thing adding difficulty

by jdclyde In reply to WT*?

ALL of the customers of Penchant are now scrambling to get new packages.

It is going to be "stimulating" the economy for all of the competition because of all the startup costs. Thankfully, we have an inhouse tech (me) and so I jumped on this right away, so we are FIRST in the cue with the vendor I have selected.

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Dispatch Software?

by Screen Gems In reply to Another thing adding diff ...

gotta be tons of applications for that.

or delivery service? humm... in this market, you could probably find great deals from the big players....

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Found a good solution, I believe

by jdclyde In reply to Dispatch Software?

So far, I am more impressed with their use of technology anyways.

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Good work, as usual.

by seanferd In reply to Another thing adding diff ...

At least you got in before everyone else who is in the same position. (See, you are a competitive advantage!)

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They have been seeing that

by jdclyde In reply to Good work, as usual.

with the response time being a lot quicker with in-house, as well as things actually go down LESS with someone maintaining things instead of going on autopilot until it hits the side of a mountain. B-)

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by seanferd In reply to They have been seeing tha ...

You mean, if someone who knows what he is doing is keeping watch, things work better, problems are less frequent and are solved faster, <i>and</i> you save money?


[At one time, I used to drive lift equipment. There was a phrase, "Drive it until it catches fire." This, of course, did happen, on more than one occasion.]

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Never caught one on fire

by jdclyde In reply to Astonishing!

but I did roll one....... :0

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