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Jd's time to rant

By jdclyde ·
Well, I have just wasted most of the last three months of work at my new job. ( no, I did not lose my job )

I have been working with A vendor to get the company so they are using the more advanced features that are included in the software package, and was the sole reason I was hired.

After getting this project almost completed, the vendor informs us that they have been purchased by their biggest customer. (it gets worse)

They don't WANT to support anyone but themselves, so they have notified everyone that the existing support contracts are void, and we have 30 days to sign a new one year contract at over 3 times what we had been paying or they would no longer even answer the phone when we call.

If they would have given me ANY warning, I could have moved us to another package move a month ago easily, but now I have three weeks to complete the migration to a new system. Fun fun.

Has anyone else been blind sided by a vendor you have been with for years?

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What, so I can't even edit it now?

by seanferd In reply to WT*?

I was going to change it entirely, and express my deep remorse and intent to find better expressions in the future.

If someone can figure out and be offended by the F, he'll surely know what the asterisk is for. I'd personally go for "?!?" or "what the heck?" if that sort of thing is a no-no now.

Wait, no, this one: "...the devil?" Sort of Dr. Watson-ish.

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I think it is still allowed

by jdclyde In reply to What, so I can't even edi ...

the main thing is to keep it clean on the front page stuff, like responding to the official blogs and TROLOV, that ARE representative of the site.

Something like this, we still get a little more slack cut.

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It's just that

by seanferd In reply to I think it is still allow ...

I don't mind at all if I can't use a phrase or something, but my post title was edited to WT*, which really doesn't seem to change it much for me. Only now, I can't edit it myself to correct my error in judgment.

No big deal, I just though that either the title would have been changed more significantly, or that I could further rectify the error myself.

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by Shellbot In reply to Jd's time to rant

On the upside..any chance this will put you full time..?

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While I will get extra hours for the change

by jdclyde In reply to Sucks..

it actually moves me backwards towards full time.

After we have the added features I was working with the last vendor, we can get a new HUGE contract. THAT is what will move me towards full time.

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by Shellbot In reply to While I will get extra ho ...

not good..
if i could offer any assisatnce i would..but i don't think i can be of any help

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Not really

by jdclyde In reply to ggrrrrr

other than being great sounding boards for my primal scream therapy! ;\

A glass of scotch in the evening also goes a long way. Just got another bottle of Famous Grouse. Just can't beat that for the price. I can't think of ANY other scotch in the $20 range that matches, let alone beats it, even if it is a blend. B-)

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i'll take your word for it :)

by Shellbot In reply to Not really

I'm more a vodka person :)

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I go there too

by jdclyde In reply to i'll take your word for i ...

right now, only drinking Sky vodka.

Absolute is absolutely crap.

What is your fav, what does it run, and why didn't you bring any to the gathering? :0

Yeah, vodka is my next venture to find a "good" one.

About the only thing I can't do anymore is the average American whiskey. We are not friends..... and just the smell turns my stomach. (exception is Jack, as long as it is straight). No more whiskey and coke for me, ever.

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by Shellbot In reply to I go there too

drink Smirnoff..not fancy but cheap in duty free..and doesn't give me a hangover.

In canada used to drink Polar Ice..good sh!t..keep it in the freezer..drink it straight as a shot..mmmmmmmmmmm tasty

Absolute is vile..they try and pass it off here in the pubs ..I promptly return it and dmand they replace it with smirnoff.
drink a lot of malibu as well..mild and i don't drunk off it :)

What do ya think i was drinking in Trish's red cups?? 2 parts vodka, 2 parts malibu, 2 parts OJ.. take note, THATS why I was sitting at the table smoking..I couldn't walk after a few beers 3 or 4 of those, then i hit Mike's Lmonade..ughh..was the start of a wonderful evening.

I just can't drink whisly..when i was a kid at a party, us girls started drinking whiskey and milk after everything else ran out..actualy wasn't that bad from what i rememebr..went down ok.. its the coming back up i rememebr..probably explains my extreme aversion to yogurt.

Southern Comfort used to be my drink..ah..tasty...but got blitzed on it a few years back and haven't had any since.. must maybe try having one..miss sipping on that stuff..

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