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Jd's time to rant

By jdclyde ·
Well, I have just wasted most of the last three months of work at my new job. ( no, I did not lose my job )

I have been working with A vendor to get the company so they are using the more advanced features that are included in the software package, and was the sole reason I was hired.

After getting this project almost completed, the vendor informs us that they have been purchased by their biggest customer. (it gets worse)

They don't WANT to support anyone but themselves, so they have notified everyone that the existing support contracts are void, and we have 30 days to sign a new one year contract at over 3 times what we had been paying or they would no longer even answer the phone when we call.

If they would have given me ANY warning, I could have moved us to another package move a month ago easily, but now I have three weeks to complete the migration to a new system. Fun fun.

Has anyone else been blind sided by a vendor you have been with for years?

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Jack Daniels and Yukon Jack

by The Scummy One In reply to I go there too

are the 2 I like -- best straight and chilled.

I havent had vodka in many years myself -- no help there.

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Shelly -- if you like Southern Comfort

by The Scummy One In reply to I go there too

try Yukon Jack for whiskey. Similar flavor - more kick. freeze the bottle for a few hours and then drink it down (shots or guzzle is good)

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by Shellbot In reply to I go there too

I'll have you know that I am a lady.. i do not guzzle my drinks ]:)

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Not implying you do dear

by The Scummy One In reply to I go there too

just some good to know info, that's all. Just in case the time arises

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I can

by Shellbot In reply to I go there too

barely do a full shot without choking..never mind guzzeling!

Well, why don't ye come to the gathering and bring some of this stuff for me then?

I will sip it..slowly..(if i like it that is)

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Yukon, Southern, and others

by jdclyde In reply to I go there too

yukon jack, haven't had since highschool when I used to drink it with mt dew. we went through a lot of that my senior year.

southern. that was my "kickstart" drink for a long time. I worked second shift, and so everyone had about two hours on me by the time I could get to the bar. Would order four shots of southern and a glass of sprite. slam the shots one after another, and then slam the sprite, and damn if I wasn't caught up to everyone and ready to start drinking.....

Never tired polar ice.

milk? sounds like why I can't do peppermint schnapps anymore. mixed with choc milk, and mmmmmmmmmmm.

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This sounds like

by The Scummy One In reply to Jd's time to rant

it should go to the lawyers now. This is out of your hands as far as the contract is concerned.
The problem is, that this dispute may take some time, but a lawyer should be brought in to give the best advice. As for the 3 weeks to be completed -- not likely at this point. But this shouldnt be looked at as a failure on your part, it was outside of your realm of control. Start looking around and see what options are available, but, if they already have the contract in place, it may still be enforceable. If it is coming up on expiration -- well then, the likely alternative is to pay the new rates, or find another solution, or both (short term and long term).

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It is a sheet or get off the pot, NOW

by jdclyde In reply to This sounds like

If we are not on, our costs would well over triple, and be locked into the contract for a year.

The three weeks is just the end of when the old vendor will support that package.

The solution I have found, it is very likely we will make that 3 weeks, including training, and my boss is well aware of the problems of going each way as I have already gone over that. They were impressed because I was able to tell them about the sale about 6 hours before it was announced from some outside sources. B-)

Yeah, while this is a headache and sucksass, it is making ME look very good because pressure does not effect me on the job, just worn out when I leave for the night.

The only thing that is REALLY annoying is the fact that EVERYTHING I did for the last three months of moving that vendors software in a direction to use new features, I now have to start from ground zero with a new vendor. X-(

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What is the length of the current contract?

by The Scummy One In reply to It is a sheet or get off ...

if it is coming up on expiration, then choices are more limited. If its expiration is not for several more months, spend a little and have the lawyers show that a fight is coming, even if it is not. It is likely that they will honor the current contract -- giving you more breathing room to switch to another vendor.

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not worth the fight

by jdclyde In reply to What is the length of the ...

all they have to do is agree, and then be slow to respond and we are so screwed.

when something goes wrong (again) it has to be going NOW.

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