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By Steviejay ·
I've just recently graduated from Uni with a BSc in Applied Computing and now I'm job hunting. The nature of the course I sat denotes that I've sort of become a "jack of all trades but master of none" where I've been submerged in a great many aspects of the IT field yet I have never fully specialised in one and I think this is starting to affect my employment chances. From what I did learn at uni and from my own knowledge I'm aiming for the tech support sector however I've applied for several jobs and I haven't even got an email back informing me that I was unsuccessful.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest if there was anywhere I could go or focus on in an attempt to better my chances of finally getting my foot in the door. I believe the biggest problem is my "lack of experience" as most tech support jobs insist upon a number of years experience. Is ther anything I can do to get experience so I can further my chances or perhaps any other tips to get myself on the IT career ladder?

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For Project Management user group

by JohnGPMP In reply to local users group

To find the local Project Management user group, go to and look under "Global Membership and communities" tab for the chapter web page. The actual address is

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Job Hunting

by ghill123 In reply to Job Hunting

I have experience but similar to you my experience is spread out and the one thing that I do master is obsolete "dBASE" (some people don't know that dBASE matured to quite a powerful oop language) but doesn't have a place in the market and probably never will.

I guess I would like to know the same thing as you?
What is out there that is really in demand.
I have seen some ugly pay scales for programming these days, is it just me or is the pay scale going down for programmers?

Greg Hill

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It's called 'Outsourcing'

by LibTechCU In reply to Job Hunting

Of course salaries are going down! The companies have annual quotas for over 85,000 H1-B visa immigrant workers a year.....And they keep telling Congress they need more because there aren't enough "qualified" American IT workers (meaning people we can pay less and treat like indentured servants). A Republican controlled Congress means they'll keep listening to the Companies. Someday they'll figure out that fewer employed/well-paid American workers means less money for the workers to buy their products and goods..... Why do you think we're in a recession!

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Lots of talk about a good economy right now

by ghill123 In reply to It's called 'Outsourcing'

Lots of talk about a good economy right now.
This is an interesting contrast.

Greg Hill

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No jobs in CNY

by LibTechCU In reply to Lots of talk about a good ...

I live in upstate NY. Cost of living (and taxes) are high, wages are low and there are very few jobs in technology with lots of unemployed/underemployed competing for them....

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No Jobs in Central Ohio ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to Lots of talk about a good ...

... that don't require a laundry list of skills and pay PRC wages.

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same in North East

by computeach247 In reply to No Jobs in Central Ohio . ...

As far as I know pretty much the same thing North East Ohio. I have seen some jobs reposted over & over, not much pay or decent budgets for IT.

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Waiting on the Indian Casinos

by Too Old For IT In reply to same in North East

... to win over the Taft administration.

I can learn how to deal Texas Hold-em & blackjack as well as anyone. More solid and stable future there than in IT to be sure.

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I'm not sure I trust the statistics

by f-626541 In reply to Lots of talk about a good ...

The Bush administration has gamed the statistics in a number of ways. For example, you can't fight expensive foreign wars, relieve hurricane victims, grant tax cuts, and balance the budget. Notice that interest rates are going up? The government is competing with private enterprise for capital: greater demand leads to higher prices (the price of capital is interest). At the same time, you'll notice that more high tech work is going to India. You can't have jobs going off shore without creating unemployment here.

Unless current policies are stopped, the only thing the US will be good for is making movies and growing wheat, corn, barley and soybeans.

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Losing jobs in Ohio

by Too Old For IT In reply to I'm not sure I trust the ...

Latest stats say we are going to lose some more this year.

****, Jeff, the USA won't be any good for growing staples either, as farmers will only want to pay 50? an hour too.

This whole "Chinese pay scale" thing is like heroin: It is killing businesses left and right. And like the addict lying on the floor of a filthy restroom with the needle still stuck in their arm, American businessmen will not realize until it is too late that you can't kick your workers to the curb and expect them to buy your product at the same time.

You can fight wars, relieve hurricane victims, grant tax cuts, and balance the budget if business does thier part by maintaining upper-middle class pay scales for most jobs.

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