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By Steviejay ·
I've just recently graduated from Uni with a BSc in Applied Computing and now I'm job hunting. The nature of the course I sat denotes that I've sort of become a "jack of all trades but master of none" where I've been submerged in a great many aspects of the IT field yet I have never fully specialised in one and I think this is starting to affect my employment chances. From what I did learn at uni and from my own knowledge I'm aiming for the tech support sector however I've applied for several jobs and I haven't even got an email back informing me that I was unsuccessful.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest if there was anywhere I could go or focus on in an attempt to better my chances of finally getting my foot in the door. I believe the biggest problem is my "lack of experience" as most tech support jobs insist upon a number of years experience. Is ther anything I can do to get experience so I can further my chances or perhaps any other tips to get myself on the IT career ladder?

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Take your future in your own hands!

by Consultant-1 In reply to It's called 'Outsourcing'

There aren't many areas in the US where IT jobs are hard to find--just depends on your skills. Of course, a college degree usually contributes nothing to your initial job skills. It is the certification process which counts the strongest here. Do you have industry certs? If you don't have a CCNA and an MCSE (or MCAD if you're a developer)then you're not playing. This has not changed much. My first real job in IT back in '93 could only have been possible with my CNA. Since then, it's gotten worse.
Can't blame the industry for this--there are so many lamers out there who don't know their stuff, at least the certifications separate the men from the boys! College? It's like a high school diploma now. The real learning comes from the certification process and experience.

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Certs help!?

by Hashbrown In reply to Take your future in your ...

I would have to disagree with you on Certifications seperating men from boys. I've worked with far to many people that have MCSE or higher certifications, and guess how they got them? Cram Exams and other lame-o methods.
Just because you can memorize information doesn't mean you can apply it! I've worked in IT for 20+ years and I can tell you I've met more than my fair share of idiots that went and got the certification and ended up working for me because some dumb manager thought that meant the person knew what they were doing. Then I had to clean up their mess after I fired them for their screw ups. No, certification only opens the door and gets your the interview. It doesn't prove you know what your doing. Until Microsoft and others can better control their tests I won't trust anyone that only has certifications. Any IT Manager that hires only based on Certs is an idiot.

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Dumb or Dumber

by kaoshe In reply to Certs help!?

As someone who has the IT certifications and the IT degrees, I solely agree that some people who have certifications know nothing once they leave the testing room and those who have degrees have no real practical knowledge in the IT industry.
However as demonstrated by this discussion, there is no basis for determining if the certifications are not producing IT gurus. IT recruiters should be looking for applicants with passion and/or experience in the IT industry. Applicants with passion for the job will quickly develop the skills necessary. Even experienced IT so called experts may only know how to reset a password, which takes a long time to learn!
IT managers should give steviejay a go, he could be your next IT prot?g?.

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Negative Attitude towards Certs?!

by mwebster In reply to Certs help!?

Who would ONLY go by Certs?! Their has to be some experience! I know some peole that have sooo much experience in Net Admin that they will NEVER need certs.

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it takes more than certs to get a job

by bg6638 In reply to Negative Attitude towards ...

To get a job in todays IT market you need 3 things: 1) BS in CS/MIS. 2) At least 3-5 yrs exp. in IT. 3)ALL of the following certs: MCSE, RHCE, CCDP & CCVP, CISSP, and preferably a CCIE. If your resume is missing *ANY* of those items, your chances of landing an IT job in Michigan/Ohio, are next to zero! Why? Hiring mgrs and recruiters are being overwhelmed with applicants! It is not uncommon to get over 100 resumes from a single newspaper ad, and 500+ from an ad on Career Builders/Monster. It is just their way to cut down the number of ad responses.

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That's a pretty ridiculous observation

by cernan68 In reply to it takes more than certs ...

I have none of those certs and I've been working in IT for almost 20 years. My cousin used to be an Oracle DBA and is now a project manager doing data warehouse work. He has none of those certs, either (tho he did get certified in Oracle back in the late 1990s and he has his PMP cert, as do I).

I also have to observe that the certs you listed are mostly for people in IT networking work. Even there I can show you several of my IT colleagues who only have an MCSE or MCSE + MCP and they have been able to find jobs. They don't have any Cisco certs under their belts.

And what about the non-technical certs, such as PMP, Six Sigma, MS-Project Blue belt, RUP, ITIL, etc.?

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Certs are the new degrees!

by tnelson In reply to Take your future in your ...

Certs say about as much as a degree does, which isn't necessarily good. I worked on a team with a couple of certified (SCJD) folks who could quote you chapter and verse of theory, but who couldn't code their way out of the proverbial wet paper bag. I've also run into people with four-year degrees who had the same problem. All a piece of paper says is that you cared enough to put some money down, not about any real abilities.

That said, most of the people I know who have certs and/or degrees are plenty skilled, but on paper you'd have trouble distinguishing them from the "paper programmers" (until you got to the "experience" section of their resumes).

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by Hashbrown In reply to Certs are the new degrees ...
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But Why

by Emmanuel Sibanda In reply to true

Why is that experience that is acquired through informal services not recognised after all IT is a dynamic discipline. If a person can prove that he/she has the competency to deliver as expected why should they not be offered the job. Because they have not certs and degs.

I think this should be revised.

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Then go out and get what you need

by cernan68 In reply to But Why

If companies want degrees or certs, then get off the message boards and just go out and get what you need to meet employer requirements.

As a far as degrees are concerned, while it's true that someone with only an Associate's degree can learn how to program and do DBA stuff, as that person moves up into greater responsibilities, it would be expected that the person has the breadth of general knowledge and the formal training in analytical reasoning that can only come from a formal education. That's why bachelor and master's degrees are sought out.

Re: Certs. Certification saves hiring managers time in filtering out resumes. It's easy to say that you know .NET or Oracle or Cisco or that you are experienced in project management. You just need to put it on your resume (and maybe your uncle or cousin can give a "reference" saying, "sure, he knows that stuff"). But having the cert is a stronger verification. Some certs in particular, e.g., the PMP cert, requires that you prove eligibility and years of experience before they will even let you sit for the exam. This helps recruiters verify that you actually have the experience you claim to have. So why not sit for the exam? Especially if NOT having it is holding you back from getting hired. It seems like a no brainer to me.

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