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Job-hunting dilemmas: How ethical are you?

By ergdemirel ·
I read one of your post about this topic which came to me a mail subscriber and I interested in it. Because I am new a graduate (Also Ms. student),I have been looking for job that I can learn something for my career(not just for gaining money!!) and I faced several problems about my job applications. I think the problem is related my CV. Most of the readers advise me to change its format. Despite I did my best. They told me,"your CV is inappropriate or insufficient". I checked most of the career sites and compare my writing style with them. But no big difference for my case (for new graduates). The ones who advise me to change your CV, expected me to write more details about my experiences. But there is nothing more to write about me and my works. So in this case I ask you, what should I do? Should I write some lies/fiction about what I did? Please send me your messages,If you suffer from same problem or can advise me something really valuable!!

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Don't lie. There is a better way.

by Stelian In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

I am just hiring a guy with basically no experience. He finished College last year and worked for few months as PC Technician at a computer retail store. But I see ambition and potential in him. I see that he really wants the job.

I think that you should prove these kinds of qualities, not make up experience. I have just ditched tens of experienced guys? resumes in favor of this one.

Good luck!

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Some free advice

by bg6638 In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

First and foremost, never, NEVER lie about facts on a resume! When you are found out, your resume will be deposited into the nearest trash bin, or worse can and usually will result in your immediate termination if you have been hired!

Also, IT is a mature field which has been steadily shrinking in numbers due to advances in technology and the desire of management to significantly reduce costs, i.e. outsourcing! If you have not already been in IT for at least 5 yrs with a steady advancement of responsible positions, and have a raftload of certs, I'd highly recommend that you try another field such as accounting or business management.

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honesty is best policy

by jeffburrell In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

Never lie! It will come back to haunt you sooner or later. Take your experiences and skills and correlate them to the jobs you are applying for. Also, describe any non-IT experiences and skills you may possess that pertain to the job. These include managerial skills, customer service skills, and personal skills. Sell what you have, not what you don't have.

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Never wrong to tell the truth

by thunteman@gmail In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

Whatever you do, don't put anything on a resume that you can not back up. You reputation can only be lost once...future employers really do call past employers. True, they might not be able to ask certain questions...but they can ask the simple question, "Would you hire this person if the opportunity presented itself?"

Don't lie.

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Same issue.

by Dylan Teo In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

It is the same problem for honest people. You told the truth and willing to learn but not given a chance.

Management looks for exact match in skillset forgetting the growth factor in employees. After 1 or 2 years that exact match moved on due as they get bored because there is no change from his/her last job.

I too get rejected many times because I was honest and I am still doing it. If you lie, its cheating yourself more than anyone else. Ethical value is upheld by yourself and how you see yourself in this world.

I prefer to be a fool for 5 minutes and learn than to be a fool for life by acting like a subject expert when I am not.

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may be this'll solve your problem

by neetu_k2004 In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

firstly, in case you don't've any experience you should restrict your cv to a maximum of two pages,highlight your skills,post your cv to appropriate job sites with the headline that matches your skills....above all first fix the area you want to enter into.all the best.

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Always Be Honest with Your Experience

by careed In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

I used to work for a software company in Houston about 15 years ago. The company was going through a restructuring and layoffs were coming. We had a department that performed the ports to the various hardware platforms that we supported. Many of them were either recent graduates or soon-to-be graduates. As I understand, many of them padded their resumes to get higher salaries than what they probably deserved based on experience. The problem with this strategy is the ones in the department who didn't get laid off were the ones who were straightforward with their experience and thus, generally made less money than the ones who lied. While you may not get caught lying directly, there are other consequences that could come back and bite you.

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Job-hunting dilemmas

by shybush In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

My advice is to never lie or make up information. If you get caught you may suffer damage to your reputation from which you may never recover. In some cases acts of deception in job resumes have proven to be actionable by law which could result in legal action being taken against you.

Having said that there are things you can do to make your resume more attractive. Purchase a book on writing resumes, become familiar with action words, analyze every job you have ever had including volunteer work. You may find you have more experience than you think. Make sure the final product is free from any type of spelling or grammar errors. Study the different types of interviews and go to every interview with a positive attitude. Getting a job is a full time job. You are literally selling yourself to everyone you meet who may be able to help you get where you want to be.

Good Luck!
My Credentials - I am almost 62 years old, have an MBA and have spent a life time in management with small to mid-sized business. The past 18 years, I have spent as a manager in a large government agency.

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Take help of a Reference

by dipak In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

Yes, I also faced similar problems in the beginning of my career.
Even after forty years of work I still believe, falsification does not pay in the long run.
Once a person's lie is caught, he looses his credibility for ever.

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Message has been deleted.

by fox_iacmnf In reply to Job-hunting dilemmas: How ...

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