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Job huntng sucks

By mglabara ·
HI long time user of T.R first time writer..

Anyhoo.. i have 5 years SYS Admin experience couple of certs mostly microsoft studing for A+ know hardware but never got the certificate.
I live in NYC but i cannot find a job or anyone to hire me.. I worked in a financial firm for 5 years suppporting 50 peeps by myself.

any advice or connections out there. thanks

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Thx for sharing

by stooobeee In reply to Job Hunting

It is always good to hear from the employer's perspective, and it is better when the facts slap you in the face rather come slowly, without any impact at all. All of us have different ways of hearing something that is hard to listen to. Does it hurt? Yes. But I respect the advice. Will I do anything about it? I will tell you this: that each of us has thousands and thousands of details about himself that no one has even a shadow of a clue about. A job, especially one that lasts 8/24
hours or more, must be sufficient not only intellectually, but emotionally as well. Millionaires commit suicide everyday because there is an emptiness greater than money, that cannot be filled. Likewise, there are rice farmers who are always hungry, yet are filled with a peace most of us will never understand. If an employer can only see the value of a dollar, he is already bankrupt. Unfortunately, as this face-paced society grows even faster, there is never a point of acceptance that is acknowledged until it gets past the breaking point. We do not see it because we are a part of it, and imperceptibly, we become consummed by it. I do not want the job that only pays the most money. That is not success. Fulfillment, and the knowledge that one is genuinely helping others has a far greater reward. If you are one person, who will pick you up when you fall?

I am sincerely grateful for "beads" advice. What I learned however is that neither time nor desire to see more than a lean, human computing machine, is either wise or prosperous. It swallows the spirit of a human being , and replaces it with something less---the gratification of earning a pocket full of paper---a great achievement from another person's perspective I suppose, but only a grain of sand when we look at the whole scheme of things. The education through which someone may become enriched, must serve a far greater enterprise than lining ones pockets with the shallowness of a buck.

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Job search = full time job

by angry_white_male In reply to Job huntng sucks

Wake up at 7:00 am, shower, eat breakfast, get dressed and spend the next 8-9 hours searching for a job. Look for job postings on the web. Network. Take civil service exams. Send resumes all over the place. Meet with recruiters / headhunters... the worst that'll happen is you'll get some free lunches. If you're an introvert or an arrogant *** (as most of us are) - you best learn some social skills. Repeat process until you found said job. Expect the process to take 6-12 months if you're lucky.

It'll be as frustrating as being a real estate agent working in a buyer's market... but if you don't put an effort into it, you won't find a job.

You should also work on a plan-B. Do some temp/contract work. Pick up a new skill or two - don't rely solely on your limited experience... there are people out there who can run circles around you and will gladly do so for less $$$ than you made at your last job. The competition for the few IT jobs that are out there is fierce.

There's no magic bullet to getting a job. But be yourself and professional, know the field, don't lie or cover up your inadequecies. If you don't know Active Directory then be honest about it.

Finally, I hope your resume and cover letter looks much better than your original post or you're gonna be un(der)employed for a long time.

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by mglabara In reply to Job huntng sucks



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by randywheeler In reply to Job huntng sucks

I would consider expanding your skil set to include LINUX and another UNIX and possibly a degree. Diversify a bit. Also, insure that your resume
does itself justice a poor resume will get you nowhere. A resume is you. YOu have to sell yourself
make the resume stand out and by all means do not belive in the 2 page resume max rule that is bull.

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Job search advice

by frwagne In reply to Job huntng sucks

In you 5 years, you may have gotten really good at certain aspects of your job - maybe a particular vendor's software. Highlight that in your online resume (you DO have one at Monster and Dice, right?), see what kind of hits you get.
Make your resume achievement oriented. If you can't point to anything specific in your current job, GET certified in something interesting, or take on an IT project for a charity or non-profit, to get the experience and learning from it, and likely make some connections that will help in your search. Good luck!

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