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By Shellbot ·
Ok, job interview on Monday.

Now problem is, i always freeze up in interviews. In my head i know what i am going to say, but when i go to say it, it comes out comepletley different.

And even worse, when asked specific tech questions, i completey blank.

I feel like such an idiot during the interview and beat myself up for it.

Now having said that, i've not exactly wanted for a job lately, someone always seems to think i'm worth it, no matter how much of a simpleton i come across as.

Any ideas on how to relax and not look like i should be wearing a hockey helmet?
And how not to freeze up on tech stuff?

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Know how you feel, Shell...

by jck In reply to Job Interview

I blank out too a lot in interviews. It's like I go to a 4 year old vocabulary even though I could sit down and do what they asked if the computer was in front of me.

BTW...good luck to you...fingers crossed :)

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Good luck for Monday, Shell!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Job Interview

I'd just back up James suggestion of a deep breath before speaking. Gets extra oxygen to the brain and gives time for mouth to get into gear properly. (yeah, ok, thought formation time, but my way sounded better!)

Fingers, toes and everything else crossed and prayer mats out.

Let us know how you get on.

G'Luck again!


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thanks guys

by Shellbot In reply to Job Interview

ok..i've rehearsed a bit, gone over my CV, gone over the job spec, read up on the company..

i've decided who i am going to emulate, and i'm just going to bloody relax and remember to breathe!!! :)

I'm going to interview them to see if i want to work for them right. They aren't going to grill me over..and hey if they do and i don't like thier attitude, well then i might as well relax anyways, because i probably woulnd't want to work for them if they are arrogant and mean :)

Ok...T-3 hours..i'll let ya know how i get on

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Okay, then...

by maecuff In reply to thanks guys

How the **** did it go?

I'm on vacation...I have NO idea what's going on a work right now..and that's cool, but I really want to know how this worked out for you! And did you keep your cool??

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it went good!

by Shellbot In reply to Job Interview

I think anyways.

The IT manager was really nice and put me at ease right away. The HR guy didn't say a whole lot, but seemed nice enough.

I think i did ok, i don't think i put my foot in my mouth at all, but i didn't say all i should have. When i left the building i was like "DOH" why the heck didn't i tell them this???

They didn't ask much technical stuff, i was surprised, i thought they would have.

So all in all, I'm happy with the way it went..

If they do make an offer, i think i am going to decline. I think it would be a nice place to work, but i don't think i am going to get the expereince i need. I will end up going in another direction that i am currently on.

They are wanting me to learn a bit about each of these (they will teach) Perl, Oracle, DB1, AS400(?), somehting called ISeries, plus a host of internall applications and reporting packages. I don't mind learning, in fact i'd love to get a bit of oracle , but with doing my MCAD right now, i think its just too much to be taking in all at once.

Add that to it being in a location thats not easy to get to its not like i am out of work, so i don't need to take it.

2 funny things:
- I was fidgetting with my pen and the cap flew off and hit me in the forehead..feck anyways i felt like such a tool.

- girls..the IT guy was seriously good looking, was hard to maintain eye contact without feeling like i was checking him out!!!

Ok so..i'm in the process of lining up a couple more now that i've had one, the rest should go smoother..

*note to self: take cap off of pen*

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Glad it went well

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to it went good!

My last question at an interview is always

Is there anything I've said or not said that would make me unacceptable?

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AS/400 - Iseries

by maecuff In reply to it went good!

is my background. If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to answer them!

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The funniest thing went through my head .....

by JamesRL In reply to AS/400 - Iseries

An earwig...."Walk the Dinosaur" came into my head right after reading about AS400....

Open the door,
get on the floor
Everybody walk
the dinosaur...


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by Shellbot In reply to The funniest thing went t ...

thanks a lot James!!
Just what i needed *not*

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On the other hand...

by JamesRL In reply to aaaarrrrrrgggg

Oracle is always a good thing to get into :)

Private mail me about Turtles....

Edit to add: I'm sorry I can't help but add:
Boom boom, acka,lacka,lacka boom
Boom boom, acka,lacka, boom boom


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