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file size?

by R3D In reply to PAB issues

If the mail file is near 2gb, then you need to delete some mail or archive it. If this is not the problem, there are tools from MS to repair the inbox and defrag it, so to speak. Give those a go and see if ti helps.

Good luck!


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RE: PAB Issues

by Dominick-Murphy In reply to PAB issues

This is down to a setting on your Outlook PAB reading settings.
All you need to do is right click on the Contacts folder and untick using this folder as a PAB.
Once you've done that go into the Mail Configuration Options and remove all PAB file settings.
Restart Outlook client, then reopen and correctly set the Address Details under the Mail Configurations Options menu.

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Need "un-read" message report

by rickpop In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

We're running Exchange 2000 on a W2K server.

Does anyone know or heard of a way (or maybe a third party add-on) that will show the amount of "un-read" mail messages, by user, for a given Exchange 2000 server.

We would like to monitor this since we have a lot of new email users, and we want to make sure that no company communications will go un-read after a given number of days.

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Un-read message report

by MDDM In reply to Need "un-read" message re ...

Does the client's e-mail remain on the Exchange Server or is it downloaded to a personal folder?

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by MDDM In reply to Un-read message report

PROMODAG Reports for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Report on the attachments in selected mailboxes (group by type of attachments (jpeg, wav...), size criterias).
Number of elements in the subfolders for each selected mailbox as well as unread messages.

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One way we use

I use the Outlook feature for Require a Read receipt on any mails that I send out. Using a rule, the reply is sent to a folder in my Outlook tree which gives me a week by week account of sent emails and corresponding receipts. Really handy when a user deletes an important email without reading it!!

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IP addresses

by BloodBath In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

Can you run an exchange server with a dynamic IP address? I have Comcast and they do not offer static to the general public. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

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A solution

by MDDM In reply to IP addresses

A solution to this problem is offered by Dynamic DNS Providers such as TZO. These organizations manage special DNS servers that can be updated either manually through a web form, or in an automated way by a small application running on the user's server. In the second case, the application monitors the IP address of the interface connecting the server to the Internet, and when it detects changes (or possibly at fixed intervals of time), it contacts the Dynamic DNS server asking to update the record for that machine. This change is then propogated to the non-authoritave DNS servers relatively quickly, as the TTL (time-to-live) value maintained for the machine is low (typically in the region of 5 minutes). The end result is that most of the time, the machine identified by such domain is addressable just as any conventional host with a static DNS record.

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by Entertaining IT Manager In reply to IP addresses

Depending on how they have set you up - I would suggest that you get them to maintain all emails at the ISP and then you set your exchange box up to send an ETRN to their server using the FQDN (eg or whatever). You can also set up a small batch file with a desktop shortcut that runs "ETRN" once you log on the ISP, if you are using 5.5 or have issues with 2000/03 versions.

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by Web Guru In reply to IP addresses

I'm running a whole network from behind comcast (ie. DNS, web, mail,etc.) and I'm not having any problems. I never turn off my cable modem (hence, it keeps the same IP) and I have a static entry at InterNIC (the IP address of my cable modem). Since all my devices are using the same IP, on my firewall (wireless device), I have NAT'd out the entries for my inside servers (four separate servers) - the inside will never change my if the IP address changes, meaning I goofed and turned my modem off, all I have to do is edit my entries on InterNICs site to reflect the new IP and never goof again - now, let's talk about my fee... :-)

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