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by rbm100 In reply to IP addresses

Just find out what IP they give you and make it static. They rarely change IP configurations. And if you do have a problem just set it back to DHCP and find out what the new IP is and make that static.

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by DaveA_In_Darwin In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

Hi all, I have a new installation of Exchange 2003. At the moment, priv.edb is showing a size of 15.1Gb, but when I manually add up the total size of all the mailboxes, it only comes to 8.3Gb. Would this indicate that I need to run ESEUTIL with the DEFRAG switch? If so, should this be done when the system is running at a low load e.g. early in the morning? Can someone help me with the syntax? Tks, DaveA

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by KevGar In reply to Running ESEUTIL

in order to run ESEUTIL you need to stop the information store, which is usually undesirable. Another solution is stop the information store, make a copy of the edb in a different folder, restart the information store. Now your mail server continues to function while you defrag the copy. When the defrag is done stop the information store, rename the 15 GB file to something else, copy the defragged edb back to the original folder and restart the information store. This procedure minimizes downtime and gives you a safety net in case the defrag bombs or starts incorrectly. Note that to run the defrag, you need approx 2 times the size of the file available on the drive where the file resides, in this case 30 GB. I copy the file to a separate drive altogether to minimize using resources dedicated to Exchange itself. Hope this helps.

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using Esutil utility

by dilipkumarmn In reply to Running ESEUTIL

Hi darwin,
Ruinning Esutil utility online will only free the disk space, how ever it is not going to reduce the .EDB file size.
In order to over come this you need to carry out Offline defragmentaion.
Please carry out below steps:-
1. first take the backup of the database (.edb & .stm) and store it in another drive.
2.Dismount the store, on which you want to run defrag.
3. Make a note of size of the database.
4.From command promtpt run following command
C:\EXCHSRV\BIN\eseutil /d (database path)/t c:\temp.edb

This will create a seprate temp database, make a copy of original database and work on temperoray database and replace it with the original database.
Imp Note:- Make sure the drive space where u r creating temp.edb database should have more than 110% of free disk space than ur database.

then mout the database back and check sending a test mail.
If you need any assistance, u can reach me on MSN chat my id is

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Good Call

by Dominick-Murphy In reply to using Esutil utility

Fair play to the offer of online assistance too, nice community builder :-D

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Empty Server Recipients & MailBox Resources

by Tom49 In reply to using Esutil utility

We had a similar situation and ran eseutil /d priv.edb on a backup Exchange 5.5 server and got our priv.edb down to 10GB from 16GB but there's no entries in either the Server Recipients folder or the MailBox Resources folder on the backup server.

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at this.

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Exchange in Recovery Mode

by info@progressivepartnersh In reply to using Esutil utility

We had exchange running fine on our SBS 2003 server until the raid card crashed. Exchange databases were corrupt and I tried using the utilities on the MS website but nothing worked. I copied away the databases and created ne databases and reconnected the users and now we have a message saying that exchange is working in recovery mode.

My question would be, how do I get exchange out of recovery mode?


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by david@anagram In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

Is there any way of controlling the maximum size of store.exe on Exchange 2000 on windows 2000 server. We have only 12 users.

Anagram Systems

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by peterpapp In reply to Store.exe

I am thinking of using Exmerge as a tool for performing brick level backups of our Exchange 2000 server. Has anyone had any experience in using Exmerge for this purpose - is there any "gotchas' I need to be aware of?
Instructions on how to set this up would be appreciated.

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by straightshooter In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

I have Exchange 5.5 and a large history of email in the archive file. Can anyone tell me how to gain access to this info? I occasionally have someone wanting the email they sent two years ago to someone.

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