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by regie909 In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

HOW DO YOU EDIT HOSTS file? Is this a script? What should be in the script?

Please let me know, I do not know much of writing script. Thank you...

please send me the reply to my e-mail address at

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Conferencing Server

by kami31 In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

Any body used Exchange 2000 conferencing server in a routed network.. if yes then how did multicasting was effected. becoz iam been trying to use it but i always get no connection in audio n video conference chat works fine..

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Installed MS SBS2K3 on VPC2004

by pconsite In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

As the subject states I installed MS Trial Verion Small Business Server in the Virtual PC 2004 on my WINXPPro machine. I have been trying to get Exchange 2003 to work, unsuccessfully. I was able to access Email using IE6 but when I try to access via Outlook 2003 it always fails. I tried to change the configuration parameters within Eschange System Manager but I just don't know where to start. I really need step by step instructions.

I have a WIN2K Pro machine that I am using as a client. I can log onto the Domain that I created but not into the mailbox via Outlook.

This is my home network so any suggested changes won't bother me a bit.

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Bad Mail folder

by vegas07 In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

every time we plug our exchange box into the network the "bad mail" folder starts going out of control!!! It will grow so large that it eventually deadlocks exchange. Everyday Symantec finds netsky, but it says quarantine failed, access denied. I'll run the utility (in safe mode and normal) from Symantec for netsky and says it found no varients. And Symantec is updated and so is Server 2k. If anyone has any insight please help!!!!

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Same same

by apatel In reply to Bad Mail folder

I'm having the same exact issue.
Please Vegas07, if you find out the solution, let me know or post it...


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Open Relay

by cgrau In reply to Same same

Check to make sure that you are not an 'Open Relay'.
I had this happen to me also. The 'Bad Mail' folder fills up because some spammer is telling your machine to send e-mail to thousands of e-mail accounts. Some of these accounts do not exist. They will try sending spam to, or something similar, hoping to 'guess' at a legitimate account, and if it isn't legitimate, it fills up your 'Bad Mail' folder.

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by apatel In reply to Open Relay

Yeap, I checked that over the weekend.
Relaying is not allowed.

That was a previous problem we have had.
So thats off right now.

I cleared out the bad mail folder, (i dont think anybody has ever cleared it out).

Since 9-10-04 1:30PM to now (9-13-04 at 11AM), there has only been 213 objects in the bad mail folder.

Since this is a small company of about 30 people, I dont think that rate is a big deal. Do you?

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Correction on my post

by apatel In reply to Relays

Let me correct myself on my previous post...

In the Relaying there are 14 IPs with "granted".

1 IP is -> Internal

The rest 13 IPs are external "sites" we have.

Should that even matter? I didn't set this up, this was before I got hired.

I think I should be able to take away all those "granted" IPs and not allow any relaying at all. I saw one of the external IPs goes to "" which is our Outlook Web Access.

My questions is, should I take all relaying off without taking down "Outlook Web Access"???

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Get at message templates from OWA?

by rseidl In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

Good day all.
Does anyone know if I should be able to get at e-mail message templates, that are stored on our network, from within OWA on Exchange 2000?

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OWA "Page not found"

by AGERanger10 In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

My users are experiancing a "Page not found" error while accessing their mail via OWA2003. I have found several KB articles but nothing applicable to my setup. I'm not using Front-end/Back-end servers or () in user's names or passwords. I was also experiancing this with Exch2K. Anyone have any ideas?

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