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Bloat is debatable.

by Larry the Security Guy In reply to I'm an avid user of linux

"Making linux to be just another desktop OS takes it's power away from it. Every distro that I have used that runs X on it, is very bloated and slow."

I disagree. Making Linux function like another desktop does entice non-power users to use the system. Running X is not an incredible system drain, but one must consider the alternative.

Bloat, in my opinion, comes from the window environments like KDE and GNOME, not from X. If you run BlackIce or fwvm (even fm98 for some look-and-feel comfort), I'm sure your system demands will be much lower.

Also consider that the equivalent user environment under Windows XP demands much more from the hardware than its Linux counterpart (I can watch DVDs on a 400MHz Celeron Linux machine).

"As far as installations go, RedHat handsdown has the easiest install process."

I agree that RedHat's installation is one of the easiest, but I'd have to say that Mandrake is as easy. I was not impressed with the number of missing components (no kernel source, for example) and it did lack RedHat's "select individual packages" feature, but it was painless and simple.

"Linux is not a dumbed down OS. Nor should it be."

Easy-to-user and dumbed down should not be interchangeable terms. RedHat's installation is a perfect example of easy-to-use. When the operation of a Linux system is easy as well, then more people will consider it as a desktop system. When more peripheral makers provide either Linux-based drivers or specs so that drivers can be written, Linux will become even more attractive to the gadget crowd.

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X - - - correct

by LordInfidel In reply to Bloat is debatable.

Although X is the server, you are correct that my usuage was incorrect.

I should of have said KDE or Gnome or whatever destop you so wish to run on X.

X itself is not bloadted. But KDE and Gnome are.
I have install that is a PIII 600 with 384 meg/ram. And it is not exactly a speed demon.

I only use it for testing and to use fwbuilder. Other then that, if I'm on that machine, most of the time it is in a terminal.


I just still don't see linux at the desktop of corporate america. I do however see it replacing servers. Since Samba v3 has been released. I can easily see it replacing Windows servers as the traditional file and print servers.

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RH( and a P5 1.6Ghz m/c 'flies'

by Peter_es_uk In reply to X - - - correct

I have a dozen PC's running versions of windows, linux and freeBSD Most of the PC's have 350 - 500 MB ram. My son scanned a drawing he did and got a 240MB file - no windows program would touch it(photoshop, photodraw ...) on any version of windows (98, 2000 pro, XP Pro -it froze them all even after had turned off ALL other applications).

My linux m/c runs Postgreql, mySQL, CUPS SAMBA and performs the duties of the PDC. I loaded the picture into the GIMP - problem solved! Linux rocks BIG TIME!

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Mandrake still bests Red Hat

by Brant Fitzsimmons In reply to Bloat is debatable.

"I agree that RedHat's installation is one of the easiest, but I'd have to say that Mandrake is as easy. I was not impressed with the number of missing components (no kernel source, for example) and it did lack RedHat's 'select individual packages' feature, but it was painless and simple."

The lack of kernel source (in the download edition only) is due to the ever expanding offering of programs in Mandrake. If you want .iso images with the kernel source you can mirror the 9.2 tree and make them. I did it and it was surprisingly easy. Makes 4 .iso images, as opposed to the 3 offered for download by Mandrake.

Also, the standard install does have the option to select individual packages. I just installed 9.2 from the home made .iso(s) a couple of days ago and selected the packages that I wanted.

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Mandrake Bests RedHat

by Ncctec In reply to Mandrake still bests Red ...

If you want the kernel source for the download edition of Mandrake simply start the software manager and type Kernel into the search bar. It will come up with the kernel source as an option and you can install it with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Also Mandrake does offer individual package selection during install including the Kernel source.

I personal have found Mandrakes install to be superior to Red Hat's

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by Brant Fitzsimmons In reply to Mandrake Bests RedHat

At the time of the original post the kernel sources were not available on the mirrors.

It was a fluke that was quickly resolved.

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Mandrake Vs Fedora

I have used Mandrake 8.2, 9.1 and 10.0. But in a new linux class that I am taking we were required to download and use Fedora Core 2. It requires downloading or puchasing for a small price, 4 CD's. And do not use the default install as it will not give you a full install. Fedora is better and slicker, more cutting edge even than Mandrake. You may want to go to the Fedora site and locate the mirrors, I have dsl and got the fastest download from the Georgia Tech University mirror. Use the number 2 folder. I, personally, really like this Fedora Core 2.

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by ford58 In reply to Mandrake Vs Fedora

how does some install fedora core 2 on computer
that can only boot from a floppy ?

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installing from a floppy

by apotheon In reply to Mandrake Vs Fedora

Here's a useful guide to installing without a CDROM drive or USB boot option.

This explanation includes information specific to Fedora Core, as well as to other distributions (including my personal favorite, Debian).

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He's Right

by Flake In reply to I'm an avid user of linux

Linux was not intended for those who have difficulty distinguishing the monitor from the tower. They can have MS and they will have to pay for it too. For the rest of us, our efforts should be focused on making Linux more powerful and not user-friendly.

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