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powerful & friendly

by FXEF In reply to He's Right

Linux can be both powerful and friendly. GUI makes it friendly, the kernel and shell make it powerful. I don't see Linux replacing Windows as a desktop OS, but will take some market share as it gets more and more user friendly. Live CD's, such as Knoppix and Gnoppix shows that Linux can be easy to install. apt-get has made installing programs much simpler. Hang in there, it's getting easier.

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I do like Knoppix

by LordInfidel In reply to powerful & friendly

Not as a desktop OS, but to use in my arsenal of
"Hack Tools".

When a rougue M$ system goes bad, there's nothing like booting into knoppix, and playing with the file system on the HDD to get M$ systems up and running again.

Who needs the recovery console anyways.

(And you can't beat it for that "quickie" boot into linux to do some wireless scanning, but that's another story)

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by FXEF In reply to I do like Knoppix

I see you use Linux to fix Windows but you can't use Windows to repair Linux. Oh! Linux just runs...., runs....., runs....., Linux is so stable it needs no repair.

Linux would be a great desktop OS if more apps were ported to it and hardware vendors would write drivers for Linux.

It's not what is best, it's what is popular.

My thoughts,

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by LordInfidel In reply to

I've had to repair linux boxes before....

of course you can't repair linux from windows.
(Unless of course you consider ssh from windows into a *nix box to fix something)

But I have had linux boxes crash before. I have found that the ext2 file system is alot less tolerant then ntfs on a hard abrubt shutdown.

ext3 is a little better in the recovery of the journal.

gnome is a memory hog, and I have seen many an app just suddenly stop.

rp-ppoe sometimes decides it does not want to reconnect when a down state is detected.

no os is flawless, but linux has it's strong points over winblows, no doubt. But i'm still not sold on the linux as a desktop yet for the joe **** corp user.

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knoppix to repair linux

by derekdpike In reply to

I'm a new user to linux and I am somewhat familiar with knoppix. I have the latest version 3.3. I was told that if you have a hard drive crash you can boot to knoppix and mount the old drive to retrieve data. I am familiar with the mount command, but do not know what knoppix would call the existing drive. I checked out hda1 and it appears to be the ramdisk that knoppix makes when it boots. I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions that i could try.

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response to derekdpike@yahoo regarding knoppix

by apotheon In reply to

I don't have a Knoppix v3.3 handy to work with, but I've got Knoppix v3.4 here. What I find upon booting it is that on the desktop there's an icon that shows opens the already-mounted hard drive so that I can browse through it.

If you want to find where hard drives partitions are located through the shell, I recommend opening /etc/fstab and examining its contents. Knoppix automatically sets up fstab with entries for all detected hard drive partitions to make it easy for the user to work with hard drive data. You might also try typing "mount" at the command prompt, minus the quotes, with no arguments — this will show what partitions are already mounted. It's probable that, with Knoppix, the hard drive partition you're looking for is already mounted somewhere.

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Knoppix is impressive

by technonaut In reply to I do like Knoppix

I agree, knoppix is slick and allows access to fat, fat32 and ntfs disks. Very nice.

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Knoppix is wonderful; LNX-BBC is gem

by cjgau In reply to Knoppix is impressive

LNX-BBC can access fat, fat32 and ntfs disks as well.

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Knoppix and Citrix

by ray.koslo In reply to Knoppix is impressive

I put Knoppix on my hard drive. How do I install the ICA client?

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easy for joe **** corp user

by dpatillo In reply to powerful & friendly

Who shows joe **** corp user how to use windows products?

Most corp users do word processing, spreadsheets, email, and web browsing. Why not set up Linux terminal services, run Open Office, Evolution, and Netscape or Mozzilla. If there is a proprietary app that "must" run on M$, install it on a Win terminal services box and you can still access it from the Linux terminal. Use web interfaces for database applications. (apache, PHP, and mysql RULE!!!)

Yes, the IT staff will still have to show the corp Joe **** user how to "click here" to get their job done, but they wont have to spend half their day telling users to reboot their M$ box. Also, centralized data storage, software update, and no way to load rouge software at the desktop will really be a blessing!

Turn off the advertising hype from M$ and look at the facts and the truth. Look at's longest uptime report. Ever wonder why a M$ box has been in the top 50 ONLY ONE TIME?

Think about it? Is linux ready for corp desktop? YES! Most corps have some type of IT support staff anyway. Let them do their job instead of babysitting M$ apps and users!

And that is my two cents worth.

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