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Thank you!

by RoyKendrick In reply to PowerPoint for family pho ...
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print backgrounds in word

by ray_luke In reply to PowerPoint tips?

Ichanged the back ground to light blue,every print but the blue back ground. ???

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Free Powerpoint viewer

by neil.mclean In reply to PowerPoint tips?

If your relatives don't have powerpoint you can get them to download a free viewer from Microsoft at

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by vanessaj In reply to PowerPoint tips?

BlueKnight is right. And PPT does email well...but you have to watch out for what some call "PowerPoint bloat". Graphics/pictures are larger files than text files by far and once you put them into PPT, it can become a rather large attachment. Make certain that your email client - and the email client of the recipient can handle the size attachment you are going to send. If it is large, burning a CD and snail-mailing it may be prefereable for you. ALSO, I always use the "Package for CD" in the File menu and remember that you can use "Options" and "Add Files" for further customization of how and when you want your presentation to play. Adding simple narration is pretty easy if you have a microphone at: Insert > Movies & Sounds > Record Sound. You can also add a soundtrack to play throughout the entire presentation (all slides). Good luck and have fun!

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I use PowerPoint occassionaly

by fun_to_know In reply to General

I have used PowerPoint occassionally. I used it a little more often when they had a better org chart tool than the very basic one included with 2003 (better off using Visio).

Ove the years I have collected quite a number of "tips" I am willing to share.

"An eye-catching animation on a PowerPoint slide is to have the text "type in" as though it were being typed on a typewriter. PowerPoint even provides the typewriter sound for you!

To check this out, open a blank slide and click the Text Box button in the Drawing toolbar (its icon looks like a printed sheet with a large A on its upper-left-hand corner). Add some text to the Text Box. Next, right-click the Text Box and choose Custom Animation.

When the Custom Animation dialog box opens, click the arrow at the right side of the Introduce Text list box and select
By Letter. Now, click the top list box under "Entry animation and sound" and select Appear from the list. Expand the second list box and select Typewriter as your sound."

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PPT tips

by vanessaj In reply to General

I'm listening (in the words of Frazier Crane). I would be happy to engage in a PPT tips dialog. Did you have questions/issues? Or just want to chat about the really cool PPT 2003?

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by foreigner In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

[Office 2000:]
The lack of "smooth scrolling" in Excel and Outlook Contacts (phonebook view) bugs me. Thankfully, it is implemented in Word.

In case I should not name the technical property correctly, not being a Windows programmer, I mean the behaviour where the frame's contents move while the scroll box moves, rather than afterwards.

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Contacts Details

by Aakash Shah In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

I use Office 2003 for my personal use. Unfortunately, when I add a new contact, the phone number field names it offers me are "1. Business, 2. Home, 3. Business Fax, 4. Mobile" How can I change the default field names that appear so that I can get something like "1. Home, 2. Mobile, etc." Also, is there a way to add new fields to this list, such as "Mobile 2"? I would like to have the address default to Home rather than business. Any helpl with this would be greatly appreciated.


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Making Changes

by krkuehne In reply to Contacts Details

I'm not totally familiar with Office 2003, but in XP you can change the "fields" for your address information [business, home, other] as well as changing how your phone numbers appear. You need to click on the drop down buttons located by each one. However, I do not know if it possible to have it set as a default - as I just change mine based on the information I'm entering.

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Edit the forms

by imaer In reply to Contacts Details

How you ask
In Outlook, select Tools > Forms > Design a Form. From the list select 'contacts'. Redesign to your heart's content. Be sure you are happy with your changes before you save.
If the 'Field chooser' pop up is not on screen, click 'Form' > 'field chooser' and you will see an option 'New'. This will create new fields for you. Of course you could just modify the existing labels and problem solved.
Give it a go using the help options built in to Office.

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