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by Aakash Shah In reply to Edit the forms

Thanks a lot! This will be a big help.

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Can't change label name

by ewarden1 In reply to Edit the forms

It appears that if you add a new field that you can change the displayed name but if the field is an original field that you can't. I selected the E-mail field and properties and it allowed me to edit by when selecting "Apply" the name reverted back to the original. I can see why the field name should not be changed but why the caption?

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re: Change a control's formatting with two mouse clicks

by georgewpg In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

The tip regarding copying of text box formatting from one box to another suggests a multi-step process to copy formatting, repeating the whole process for every additional box. By DOUBLE clicking the format painter button, it stays selected, and one can click field after field until all the desired format copying is done. To end the process, either press the ESC key, or click on the format painter button once more.

This trick works on other Office applications as well.

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Access calculation field question

by KBO In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

We have an Access 2002 database on a network share. The calculation fields stopped working a week ago, but if the database file is copied to a computer's C: drive and opened from there, then the calculation fields do work. Any ideas of what would cause the fields to stop working in the copy of the database on the network share? The permissions on the share give complete read/write access to all who use the database.
Thanks for any suggestions for troubleshooting.

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Here's what I did

by shane.freman In reply to Access calculation field ...

I have had the same problem in a database I was working on for a customer. As near as we could tell it had something to do with the amount of people that were working in the database as any given point in time. My solution was to divide the database into a FrontEnd version (containing all the forms, queries and reports) and a BackEnd version (containing just the tables). Put the front end on everyone's local machine and put the backend on the server. Then simply open the front end and link all the tables from the back end. This may slow down your data entry and querying but it solved a majority of our technical issues.

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Thanks for the information

by KBO In reply to Here's what I did

Thanks, I'll look into this. I'm not sure about how to set this up, but hopefully someone else at my office with more Access experience will know what to do to test this.

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General Suggestion

by GM Forsythe In reply to Access calculation field ...

As a rule, calculated fields in a table are more trouble than they're worth. Most database designers would advise putting these into a query.

Splitting the database as suggested by the previous respondent, is of course a very necessary step. The only caveat to the suggestion of putting the "front end" on numerous workstations is that it is a bear to maintain. I generally put one front end on the server and let everyone use that. This way, if something goes wrong, or a refinement is needed, it's much easier to do. Of course, if each user has different needs, then you WILL need numerous front ends.

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Excel Print to File

by livewire^ In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

It would be nice to be able to pick the location of where Excel is printing to file on a file to file basis as opposed to having all files go to the "General" save location.


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Multiple Words Rapidly

by scot In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

Desperately annoyed with Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 203488, stating that file corruption error is a direct result of opening too many instances of Word too quickly (article refers to 97, but same for 2000, which I'm running). Any (new) bright ideas? Say, a hack to open all (like 5) docs in one instance of Word?

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Try this

by MDDM In reply to Multiple Words Rapidly

Word provides a complete file management system as part of Word. One of the features of this system is that you can quickly load multiple documents in one easy step. To do this, follow these steps:

Click on the Open tool on the toolbar, or choose Open from the File menu. This displays the Open dialog box.

Instead of double-clicking on a file name, start to create a "selection set." If you are selecting sequential files, click on the first file in the sequence, then hold the SHIFT key as you click on the last. You can add additional files to those selected by holding down the CTRL key while clicking with the mouse.

To remove files from the selection set, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on a file name you previously added to the set.

When you are satisfied with the list, click on Open.

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