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Close Many Documents at One Time

by AtCollege In reply to Multiple Words Rapidly

If you want to close all the documents that you've opened without going to File, Close (or other ways) for each one, hold down your SHIFT key while clicking the File menu. You will see Close All listed. Click Close All and they all close at once.

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Word Not starting printer up

by olsenbanden2 In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

In Works 2000 I could click on print in any og the works programs and the printer would wake up and start to print. Now in Office 2003 Pro. it works in all programs except in Word. Has anyone had the same problem.

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Try this

by MDDM In reply to Word Not starting printer ...

Printing problems in Microsoft Office Word 2003 can be specific to particular documents and templates. Create a new document and try. If this does not print close Word and rename the to normal.old, open Word and try again.

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Thanks But ....

by olsenbanden2 In reply to Try this

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried that but it still does not wake the printer up. I stil have to "wake" it up for the document to print.

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Excel: Updating the last occupied cell

by shane.freman In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

Is there a quick fix to recalculating the last occupied cell in a worksheet. For example, if you type something in C16, hit Ctrl+Home to return to A1, then Ctrl+End it will take you to C16. If you then delete the information in C16, hit Ctrl+Home to return to A1, then Ctrl+End again, it still takes you to C16. Why does it do this and aside from closing the file and reopening, how can you fix it?

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Save the Spreadsheet

by MalcolmH In reply to Excel: Updating the last ...

No need to close and re-open. Excel updates the "End" cell when you save.

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Reply to multiple Outlook messages?

by KBO In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

Is there an easy way to reply to a large number of individual messages with just one message sent to all the Senders? A user has about 1000 messages in an Outlook folder, wants to send one message to all the senders, but doesn't want to have to add each sender to his Contacts, make a distribution list, etc. When a group of messages is selected, the Reply buttons are greyed out.

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Found a solution

by KBO In reply to Reply to multiple Outlook ...

I found I could use Outlook's Import/Export tool to export the senders' e-mail addresses from the Outlook mail folder into an Excel file. Then I created a new Outlook Contacts folder and imported from the Excel file into the new Contacts folder. With that Contacts folder open, I could use Outlook's MailMerge from the Tools menu to merge a message with the e-mail addresses in my new Contacts folder.

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Copy addresses into the BCC line

by AtCollege In reply to Found a solution

Once you have the contact's email addresses in Excel, you can copy the range containing the email addresses. Then start a new message in Outlook, display the BCC line and paste the addresses there. Once pasted, remove any non-email address text. Using the BCC line prevents the looooonnngggg To: information from showing.

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Can't see the insert pictures in a word doc

by olsenbanden2 In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

I opened documents that I have saved in my documents folder, and they have pictures and clipart insert on the documents. Now I can not see the clipart or pictures any more when I open the documents, but if I print the document out they are on the printout.
I even tried to reinstall my Office XP 2002 Small buisiness Version, without any change.
Can any one help me with a solution.

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