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NALDESK.EXE has generated errors ...

by Darth Beavis In reply to Join the NetWare connecti ...

Has anyone found a solid solution to these damn errors? We run a NW 5.1 network using ZFD 3.2.

Our Win2k clients get this error far too often.


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by macgvr In reply to NALDESK.EXE has generated ...

What is the error message? With XP you may not be able to load naldesk.exe from the login script but may have to put it in the startup folder instead.

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by dmiller In reply to Question

I solved the problem .
The antivirus "CLient" had to be installed using the context.. CN=SWEEPUPD.radiology.umh.umms

Thanks all,
P.S. Sophus does have great TECH support..
I was just to proud to call them up..

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Udate client

by dmiller In reply to NALDESK.EXE has generated ...

Have you tried updating the Desktop Client to the latest download. That solved my problems.

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Never seen that error

by armourbl In reply to NALDESK.EXE has generated ...

I've never seen that error and we are running the same type of setup you are.

What version of NAL are you running. What are the circumstances that the error occurs?


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NALDESK.EXE has generated errors ...

by jmd In reply to NALDESK.EXE has generated ...

Boot up to dos and remove all the NAL files form c:\winnt\system32 and c:\winnt\system32\nls\english, once the files are deleted go ahead and re-boot your machine, this should take care of the problem, also make sure you don't have a mix versiond ofzenworks.

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Naldesk errors

by Pipe Guy In reply to NALDESK.EXE has generated ...

We get those errors on win2k machines when they attempt to login to the server, but the nic isn't enabled. Also when we login to "workstation" only.

When we can browse to the tree and context of the server... we don't seem to get the errors. Some remote users typically disable network cards to stop the Novell client from trying to "find" the network when they don't want to login to the network.
I don't know if this is helpful or not... but its observations of the same errors we've seen.

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Need a Netware specific Forum

by armourbl In reply to Join the NetWare connecti ...

We need a Netware specific forum here.


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NetWare Technical Q&A Category

by Russell Cohen In reply to Need a Netware specific F ...

There is a dedicated NetWare Technical Q&A “Category” (forum), which one can access from <>. There is, however, currently no dedicated NetWare forum in the Discussion Centre, apart from the current “Conversation” (thread). I agree that we need a separate NetWare discussion forum, rather than just a NetWare discussion.


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Hear Hear !!

by Oz_Media In reply to NetWare Technical Q&A Cat ...

That's got to be the BEST suggestion I've ever read on TR. Perhapse a Netware discussion would eliminate redundant the threads regarding security paranioa that seems to plague the Windozers.
i have suggested similar idea throiugh the TR contact us links but they seem to be more interested in catering to the masses.
I think by posing more Netware related questions this may become more relevant to TR's staff.
Glad to finally find this forum.

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