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NetWare Web Manager Issue

by gustavo_betancourt In reply to Join the NetWare connecti ...

I get the following error when trying to start Web Manager in one of my NetWare 5.1 servers: "Security must be on or off when specified in admin config file". This comes up after the service says that it is listening on port 2200 which is normal. Then the error comes up and the service does not start. I tried reinstalling this service without overwriting files (so that I don't have to re-install Service Pack 5) and that did not work. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions before I overwrite my current files with a re-install and have to re-install service pack 5 on this server as well.

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Are you using NetWare Enterprise Web Ser

by Mike H. In reply to NetWare Web Manager Issue

Take a look at TID10065695 on the Novell KB. It might help. Here's the URL

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RConsoleJ application

by editor's response In reply to Join the NetWare connecti ...

Do you have questions or comments about the RConsoleJ application, as featured in the April 21 NetWare e-newsletter?

Are there other NetWare topics that you'd like us to cover in the near future? Post a reply, and let us know.

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rconsolej is dying

by JaredH In reply to RConsoleJ application

Now why on earth are you giving an article about a utility that is dying already. Instead of using a java utility, you can use a web browser. The Netware management portal is way better because you can do things via a web interface even if the console itself is in a locked state.

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Portal Management is dying....

by YammiMan In reply to rconsolej is dying is now called NetWare Remote Manager!
Slap a new name on it and it is a new product!

Really, I've used rconsole, rconj, portal manager, and Netware Remote Manager and I like rconj to get the "down and dirty work" done as it doesn't take so long for screen refreshes in going from screen to screen. However, NRM is great for drilling down for detail!

I did find out if you encrypt a password with Rconj, you have to encrypt 5.x and 6.x servers seperately into an LDRCONAG.NCF file as the 6.x servers won't work off of a 5.x encrypted file.

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use AddRem FREE remote console...

by eaglefly In reply to rconsolej is dying

Instead of rconj, why not use AdRemSoft's Free Remote Console that uses NDS authentication instead of server-specific passwords?

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Fantastic solution!

by Oz_Media In reply to use AddRem FREE remote co ...

I've been using AdRem Free remote console for a few years now and can only say thank to the people that wrote it.
Talk about a resourceful yet robust way to view your server screens. ronsoleJ used to work for me off and on but it was day to day depending on what I had recently installed.
AdRem free console should be packaged with Netware it is by far the best solution I've seen.

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To have another way

by logon01 In reply to rconsolej is dying

Why would we want to learn about Rconj? Well, you wouldn't need to if you already know how it works. But if you have problems with the management portal for some reason, it's nice to have anotother way. For example, I may have to disable the RCONAG6.nlm module or the NW portal management for troubleshooting purposes.

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What about all the new stuff in NetWare?

by stephen In reply to RConsoleJ application

I personally think it's good to 'refresh' some tips and tricks using tools such as conlog, RconJ etc, but I'd imagine most people signing up for this newsletter would rather see these tips as that, and not articles in themselves.

I've only been receiving these newsletters for a couple of months so I may be already looking at things you've mentioned, but here are some ideas that may be others would like to read about:

NAMP. It's new and quite a lot of stuff will run on it with very few modifications. For something fun I'm running NetJuke MP3 jukebox on my NW6 server, and apart from not automatically updating the music lists when I add new files, it streams just fine, with a nice web browser interface.
I've also heard of a helpdesk system written with Apache/PHP/MySQL in mind that aparently runs on NW, and an online web photo gallery app. SourceForge is a great place for this type of stuff, and a few people have even started I think a couple of articles on useful (and playful) products running in the NAMP environment and how to set them up would be a lot of fun for us to read, and try.

There are also a lot of free tools that can make people's life a little easier. Just one to mention is Webalizer which is ported to NetWare and I use this to produce HTML reports from my web server logs with nice graphics of who's visiting my site, what the most popular pages are, where they're coming from etc...

Also what about NW6.5? It's in public Beta now and I'm sure a lot of us would like to hear what's in it and what makes it better than NW6?

Just some ideas.


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TIMESYNC your network

by editor's response In reply to Join the NetWare connecti ...

Do you use the TIMESYNC module, as featured in the May 12 NetWare e-newsletter, to sync your network with the correct time? Are there other inexpensive alternatives that you think your IT peers should check out? Let us know which tool works best foryou.

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