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Just passed 70-270.. now an MCP!!

By ObiWayneKenobi ·
Well, like the title says.. I took the XP exam today and passes with a 768. It was pretty hard; I was worried about halfway through, but I did it!

Next up is to get my MCSA.. could anyone reccomend a good set of study guides for 70-290, 70-2** (which I heard was one of the hardest??) and 70-293 (which I will probably take as my elective since I want to get my MCSE after MCSA anyways)? I read reviews on Amazon but it seems that there are NO good bundle study guides for the exams; I know to take what I read there with a grain of salt, however.

Anyways just wanted to share with everyone that I'm now a Microsoft Certified Professional now... thanks in advance for any help!

- Wayne

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Pass Mark

by bhaskar.bhaskar In reply to I used..

Can some one enlighten me about the minimum percentage of marks to be score in the 07-270.
I couldnt find it in the MS website.

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70-270 pass mark = 700 points = 70%

by mtharby In reply to Pass Mark

70-270 pass mark = 700 points = 70%

You may be glad to hear you can also get a portion of a question question correct for questions that have more than one answer i.e. the ones with checkboxes (square) instead of radial options (round).

There are 50 questions so each question is worth 20 points and I got 715 (phew! - one more whole question wrong and i would have failed)

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Congratulations! Keep going! :)

by leiaj24u In reply to Just passed 70-270.. now ...

Give praise when do. Regarding bursting your bubble. It is tough out there, competition massive. You got to go for it and find your niche, look at market trends that are indigenous or where you really want to go. The movement is fast and if you hesitate, there will be another new one to upgrade your skill sets.I know it sounds discouraging at times as people say that all we are about to take, no longer really count. You really got to jump through some hoops. I am an MCP, getting ready for server etc.Taking routers class and rounding off with some of the MOUS classes, after Networking, Proxy, SQL/XML, scripting plus A+ I still find it hard to break in without more ammuniton (certs) I am not about to give up! :) Good job!

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by -NaturaTek- In reply to Just passed 70-270.. now ...

Cool stuff, congrats :)

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time spent

by Aggy In reply to Just passed 70-270.. now ...

congratulations! how long was your prep time for the MCP?

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