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Just say YES - quickly

By ojeda ·
How do I get my IS department to say yes more often, and quicker? I have begun translating IS as Instant Stonewallers.

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not exactly mainstream play

by stress junkie In reply to ooohhhh

No, the method that I'm advocating would only appeal to a small set of people for recreation, especially if they were on the receiving end.

I have found that electricity can help expedite business gridlocks and nullify office politics. I only wish that I had started using it sooner.

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by maecuff In reply to Just say YES - quickly

And I can't be sure of this, because your post is very short, but perhaps you need to develop a sense of the word 'urgent'.

We have many projects in our department, with not enough resources and not enough time. When we are presented with an issue that requires immediate response, we respond. However, there are times when a request comes in that just isn't as urgent as what we are currently working on. We have a few users here who apply 'urgent' to every request they make. They are also the same people who think we should drop everything, and focus on their problem, the very second they make the request. That's not very realistic, is it? And actually, is somewhat unreasonable.

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That's always fun.

by stress junkie In reply to Maybe

Explaining to someone why their problem will have to wait is great fun. (NOT) Some people just don't see how having a database server down is a more urgent problem than having their desktop icons disappear. Been there many times.

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No kidding

by maecuff In reply to That's always fun.

Or, my printer jams too much. Why is it jamming, can someone come down here RIGHT NOW and tell me what's wrong? And telling them that we'll look at it when we can, and in the mean time, please direct your documents to the printer that is a whole 5 yards away from the one that is jamming is just not acceptable. Sheesh.

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Our informal statement in IT

by Mickster269 In reply to No kidding

While we never say it directly, we've been heard to mutter:

"Your lack of planning does not constitute a crisis for me."

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I like that..

by maecuff In reply to Our informal statement in ...

I will steal it and make it my own. :)

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Well Mae...

by Surflover In reply to I like that..

If you're going to use it, here is the original... "Poor planning on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part" (I had it printed on a poster, framed and hung behind my assistant's desk outside my office)... I've been using it for a couple decades :-)

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If I had

by maecuff In reply to Well Mae...

an assistant, I'd frame this and put it behind his desk.

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by apotheon In reply to Well Mae...

You have an "assistant" with a desk outside the door to your office? Woah, nelly. You're management, not IT. Heh.

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I've said that to problem people.

by stress junkie In reply to Our informal statement in ...

Don't mutter. Stand up for yourself.

One problem that I've had many times is that a manager has hired a temp or a new person and they are under some short deadline. The manager invariably calls me in from lunch or from some other activity and acts like the end of the world is at hand if this user account isn't set up immediately. Naturally the manager hasn't said anything about this in advance. I often make the intial password something like planahead.

I'm not shy about telling people when they aren't being reasonable or why their failure isn't my fault. If you do good work then you will develop admirers among the end user community, including managers. Their favorable opinion of you can empower you to be frank and honest with problem people.


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