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Just say YES - quickly

By ojeda ·
How do I get my IS department to say yes more often, and quicker? I have begun translating IS as Instant Stonewallers.

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Need more detail.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Just say YES - quickly

but as a rule, if what your requesting costs money, it's likely that IS is the wrong place for your request.

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Stop asking them to do stuff

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Just say YES - quickly

one of the things you made them say yes to last week that made your current request impossible this week ?

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by spidershrek In reply to Just say YES - quickly

The main problem is patience. If you are not pacient enough how do you want us to say yes to want you want. You might see us sitting in our desks but that doesn't mean we are playing games. We have so many things to do and in top of that users ask and ask, and ask.

Also as someone mention before we like to be treated nice and with proper respect.
Try doing so and i guaranty that we'll say YES!!!!

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Understand the big picture

by jcoppa In reply to Just say YES - quickly

Try to see the big picture and what it will cost an organization to cater to one individual versus the group as a whole. Policies exist for a reason.

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Just as a guess...

by ~Neil In reply to Just say YES - quickly

Do the replies you are getting here seem as random and varied as the responses you get from your IS department?

You've just asked a group of IS people a very vague question, without any information useful to answering it. If we were your employees, in this instance, we would have no option but to stall the answer until we can get the info we need to answer it.

There's nothing more frequent, nor frustrating to a tech, than trying to answer questions amounting to 'how much will it cost to finish a project that I will describe, after you answer?'

Try giving us specifics, and whatever you do here, to get an answer, try doing with your IS department.

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Understand what you are asking

by jevans4949 In reply to Just say YES - quickly

If it's a software development request, sometimes it's a one-line change that can be done in 5 minutes, sometimes it's a 6-month project. If the person you're speaking to doesn't know which it is, they probably err on the side of caution and guess at 6 months.

They may also be under a directive from On High to minimise the number of system changes.

Your organisation may have some horrendous system change methodology which means a one-line change takes a week's regression testing and three days of meetings to get authorisation from 97 different managers.

I see you are in Database Admin. Typically implementors proceed with caution with changes to live database systems, especially if they are mission-critical. They may also require someone to work weekend overtime - for which they spent the budget on your last request.

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Good Point..

by maecuff In reply to Understand what you are a ...

I can't tell you how many times we've been in the middle of developing something when the user will say, 'you know, I'd rather have this..or could you change it so it does that?' And while the request might seem small and simple to the user, it can sometimes change the entire design.

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You may be assuming the answer

by Bank_IT_Guy In reply to Just say YES - quickly

Is as general as your question. One of my big frustrations is that I am asked a simple question that has serious impacts on 1) allocation of resources, 2) security, or even 3) figuring multiple ways to do the same thing better than the one of the other ways, and I try to give the pertinent impacts of those 3 concerns and I am either making it too complicated or not straight forward enough.

In a sense, this sounds like what is happening. You ask a question, or make a decision, and IS has to consider all the ramifications of that decision in a microsecond, or else be a stonewaller.

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by apotheon In reply to Just say YES - quickly

Those are great examples you've provided. Your precision is astounding. I'm amazed at your politeness and respect for coworkers. I have no idea why they wouldn't leap to attend to your every whim.

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Of course I'll say yes...

by jtinagero In reply to Just say YES - quickly

As a junior IS tech with lots of customer support experience I would be glad to tell you yes to your question. You would be happy, I can quit ducking your department and I can get back to all the urgent gofer jobs I am tasked with.
But I don't have a clue on the effects it would have on other departments or even the other people in your department. Heck I just fixed the resolution on a monitor so a guy could read it better but the 2nd and 3rd shift called and whined. Of course I'll say yes just don't ask for WHEN !

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