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Just say YES - quickly

By ojeda ·
How do I get my IS department to say yes more often, and quicker? I have begun translating IS as Instant Stonewallers.

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by TechLizard In reply to Just say YES - quickly

Oh and a Thank you is helpful as well. This guy poses a two sentence question that is rather insulting then doesn't even come back to explain further or thank anyone? I'd ignore him too, in fact I will, starting NOW.

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Thinking along the same lines...

by maecuff In reply to ...mmmm.....

no comments? no expansion of the original post? It seems all this person wanted to do is slam his IT department.

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Easy...send MONEY

by bschaettle In reply to Just say YES - quickly

They're not saying YES because you're probably not paying for what you want. Offer some $ from your budget and they may say YES to just about everything.

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not likely

by apotheon In reply to Easy...send MONEY

I get the distinct impression this guy doesn't have department budgetary discretion in his job description.

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Project Management

by Don'tQuitYourDayJob In reply to Just say YES - quickly

I can't tell you how many times I have said yes to a question like "Can you...?" or "Can this be done?" and the person asking the question assumes that I'm going to do it just because it can be done.

There is a huge difference between saying "Yes, I can do that." and "Yes, I will do that."

Often, an project will be required to make changes in the system and you can't just go live with the change.

You should ask questions in a way that does not require a yes or no answer. Instead, ask "What will it take to do this?".

I'm sure that you have to go through this with other departments too. Frequently, the answer to your question is probably yes but the IS group may need to hire another person, buy more hardware or upgrade software, bring in outside consultants, etc. All of which costs $$$$ and may not have been budgeted for or will interfere with existing projects.

Additionally, like any change to an existing process or product an evaluation should take place.

For example, you can't just change the design of a product without evaluating how it impacts the safety of the product, the cost of the product, etc. That would go through an engineering change process. Why should it be different when it comes to IT/IS?

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something I've noticed

by apotheon In reply to Project Management

It seems that everyone's assuming ojeda is talking about big requests, like "I need a new extension to this application," or "Give me centralized management of all user data so I can monitor the people in my department." It's true that these things require a lot of money and/or time, generally speaking. He may be talking about things that don't require so much money and time, though, on an individual basis.

For instance, he might be asking for someone to reinstall Yahoo! Messenger on his workstation, or to tell him where all his icons went, or to fix a problem with Outlook not retrieving email, or to get rid of some of those third-party spyware Internet Explorer toolbars he's installed. He might expect that the moment he calls, someone will say "Yes, sir!" and arrive at his desk immediately to snap his fingers and make everything better.

I suspect that's more likely than having a problem with people not immediately jumping on his multimillion-dollar major hardware migration plan just because he thinks it shouldn't be too difficult.

In either case, I can understand occasionally saying "No," or "Not right now."

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More often AND quicker?

by I.T.Services In reply to Just say YES - quickly

What are you asking to be done and who are you in the chain of command?
Do you have the authority to ask of me what you are asking?
Who in the the IS department are you asking and do they have the authority to answer you?
Your profile says that you are in "Database Administration". If you are truly an Administrator then you should realize that some answers require thought, and for others no IS the best answer. While an even better one is "I don't know...Let me find someone who can answer that question for you".
Next do you accept the answers that you are given? or do you feel that IS is just out to get you personally?
Just as a data base is not a word processor no matter how one may wish it to be...IS can NOT solve all of your problems no matter how many times you may ask.

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The last time I heard YES prematurely ...

by back2basics In reply to Just say YES - quickly

I've been out of the IT field for 2 years now, but the last time I heard YES quickly, a nasty little worm called nimda took down 250,000 MS servers in less than 8 hours. Premature release of a client app, by "pressured request", took place the day before at our shop and left 450 users staring at blank screens for two days. Hast makes waste ... and chapter 11 attorneys very wealthy.

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