Keyboard and mouse won't work after startup

By aerostarent ·
Help!! I was running several applications and my computer seemed to crash--the screen went blank and I got no response from the mouse or keyboard. When I pushed the power button, the screen came on & windows shut down normally. Upon restart, neither the keyboard or mouse would work after windows started. I turned it off and restarted again, going into BIOS and the keyboard worked fine. Upon exiting and continuing startup, again no response from mouse or keyboard. Possible contributing factor: about half an hour before the mouse/keyboard problem started, I got a huge static shock when I touched my mouse. But then I used the mouse with no problem for ~30 min. ?? Any ideas?

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Check / refresh the device drivers

by seanferd In reply to Keyboard and mouse won't ...

for the mouse and keyboard in Windows. With no access to input devices here, you may want to try starting in Safe Mode, or using recovery tools from the installation cd.

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Can't get into Safe Mode

by aerostarent In reply to Check / refresh the devic ...

I did try going into Safe Mode to fix this problem (several times), but the computer isn't getting any input from the keyboard (also tried another keyboard with same result). I can get into BIOS right when the computer starts, and the keyboard works fine there, but beyond that...nothing.

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What type of keyboard

by ugadata In reply to Can't get into Safe Mode

What type of keyboard are you having a problem with PS/2 or USB?

Since you have already tried a different keyboard, were they both the same type?

If you've been using a PS/2 KB or mouse it will only initialize at boot up. A USB KB or mouse can be plugged in after the system has already booted up.

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It could be that your

by Dumphrey In reply to Keyboard and mouse won't ...

mouse port for some reason shorted out and took your keyboard port with it, but if that was the case, it would not work to even get you into the bios. So its probably just a coincident If this is a ps2 keybord and mose, try to get ahold of a usb set up, and try those. If they work, you may just need to uninstall/reinstall your mouse/keybord drivers in windows, as they may have become corrupt.

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Problem solved!!

by aerostarent In reply to It could be that your

I picked up a wireless USB keyboard/mouse combo and they worked immediately. I'm guessing that the shock burned out the PS/2 mouse port, but I agree with your assessment of the keyboard and will try reinstalling the drivers for both. Thanks for the tips!!

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Thanks to all for suggestions!

by aerostarent In reply to Keyboard and mouse won't ...

I appreciate all of your input and wish happy (and trouble free) computing to all!!

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