Keyboard stops during XP installation

By Trebortrebor ·
I have read through about 50 posts on exactly this topic - here and around the web. Nobody seems to have posted a solution, so hopefully someone out there knows...

I am trying to install XP on a brand new machine. After startup it reads from the XP CD, and goes through copying files. Then,just as it reaches the "Welcome to setup" screen (which asks me to Press Enter to setup XP, or R to do a recovery, F3 to quit) the keyboard turns off!!!

I can watch the Num Lock light - it definitely turns off exactly when that screen appears - keyboard works fine in the Bios Setup before that.

It's a USB keyboard, but other people have written that they have had the same issue even when they swap to non-USB keyboards.

Can anyone offer a solution- it's impossible to continue with the install from that screen without a keyboard!! Arghhhhhh!!


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Did you try

by LarryD4 In reply to Keyboard stops during XP ...

Did you try a PS2 Keyboard?

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PS2 Keyboard solved it

by Trebortrebor In reply to Did you try

Hi Larry,
Thanks for your post - problem solved!!

I had read in other cases that the USB or PS2 keyboard made no difference.

I had to wait until this morning to borrow a neighbour's PS2 keyboard (modern equivalent of a cup of sugar!) but it worked.

In case it happens to anyone else - I kept the USB keyboard plugged in also - I'm sure this made no difference, but just letting you know that's the configuration that worked for me.

Thanks to all who replied with other suggestions.

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Check out your BIOS, in the USB section.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Keyboard stops during XP ...

In your BIOS (on start up, press the F1, F2 or DEL button on your keyboard), go to the USB section and make sure that the "Legacy" is marked "enable", and then "Save and Exit". Then make sure that your hdd is fully wiped with this program:

It will take at least three to four hours to wipe your drive, but once it is done you should have no problems loading on your Windows XP operating system.

Hope all goes well.

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by Trebortrebor In reply to Check out your BIOS, in t ...

Didn't have to go down this path in the end, but I appreciate the suggestion - thank you.

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Installing windows without a ps2 port

by IRobBanks In reply to Keyboard stops during XP ...

I am putting XP on a computer on a older computer that has had its hard drive wiped out. Like everybody else, my keyboard turns off right at the point of trying to hit enter to continue windows installion. I checked the setup menus and everything seems to be turned on and keyboard works fine during all of that. I have read that using a ps2 keyboard will solve this problem, only thing is that there are not any ps2 slots on this pc. I have checked and double check and they are just not there. So now I am stuck looking at a blue screen of windows set up without the ability to hit ENTER!!! Please if anybody knows how to help me that would be great

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USB Legacy

by johntkyle In reply to Keyboard stops during XP ...

I had the same problem with my USB keyboard. I disabled USB Legacy support and was able to use my USB keyboard.

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