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Good Morning,

How do you identify if there is a keylogger software to your PC office or at any other public PC?

And if it is not easy to spot these softwares, how can you protect yourself, especially when you are using your credit card and you suspect that there might be a keylogger installed?

Thanks in advance for your time

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you can turn to their live support for help.

by JulietN In reply to Keyloggers
you can turn to their live support for help.

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how to detect a keylogger

by susanal In reply to Keyloggers

Open the Task Manager by holding the Control and Alt keys and pressing Delete. Check the "Tasks" and "Processes" tabs for any suspicious or unfamiliar program names. Research any suspect programs online.

Select the "Run" function from your computer's Start menu. Enter "msconfig" to open your computer's start-up configuration menu. Key loggers that evade your Task Manager may not be able to avoid this menu. Research any strange or unexpected start-up programs.

Download a reputable antivirus program if you cannot detect a key logger, or are unsure if you have found one. Many antivirus programs are updated regularly to combat new, evolved key logger programs. Select your antivirus software carefully as some programs contain viruses. Hundreds of free key logger detection programs are available online

Read more: How to Detect a Key Logger |**_detect-key-logger.html#ixzz2LCxPQiHQ

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