Keystroke to increment Excel cell by fixed value?

By CharlieSpencer ·
Is there a keystroke to increase an Excel cell by a fixed amount?

I have a spreadsheet where I track the number of times a NASCAR driver has been selected by each of several fantasy team owners. If a cell has the value of '2', indicating an owner has used that driver twice, is there a single keystroke to add 1 to the existing value?

I'm trying to eliminate data entry, since the number entered in each cell will vary but is always 1 more than the existing value. A keystroke shortcut would allow me to use the same key repeatedly to increment '2' to '3', '4' to '5', etc. while reducing the chance that I enter the wrong number.

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the simple method to do it

by saad.umer In reply to Keystroke to increment Ex ...

It?s quite simple. Insert a command button from control toolbox (View>toolbars>control toolbar). Now double click on the button and in the macro editor put the following line

ActiveCell.Value = ActiveCell.Value + 1

{in the between Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() & End Sub }

Now run it in the editor and save it. Then go back to the excel sheet and click on any cell it will become the active cell and click on the button, this will increment it. For variations in increment replace 1 by any other number. Hope it helps

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Thanks (No text)

by CharlieSpencer In reply to the simple method to do i ...

I should have thought of that for myself. I assumed it wasn't possible to reference the current cell in a formula. I probably have that impression from trying something similar years ago in a much older version of Excel and getting a 'Circular Reference' error.

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by ariabatta In reply to Keystroke to increment Ex ...

Hi... Here i need to increment a cell value till the next cell value reaches 50%
For ex: in cell A1 the value entered is 25 and the corresponding B1 value is 46.6% {another calculation already given for this ie, A1= C1+(C1*15%) } I need the A1 value when B1 reaches 50%. Help me pls

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