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KVM recommendations

By Choppit ·
Does anyone have any recommendations for KVM solutions?

The unit needs to be 8 port and rack mountable. IP and stackability are not required. Connected systems will be a mixture of Linux/Windows and Netware servers.

Thanks in advance.

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by Choppit In reply to KVM recommendations

Anyone using Avocent kit?

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kvm quality warrants research

by bodendavidson In reply to KVM recommendations

I have recently purchased two kvm switches for my office, after quite a bit of shopping around. I actually called my sales rep at one of the online vendors I use to ask his advice because I had been stumped.

Here's my advice:

I. Always consider going with a model with more ports, there's always may come a point where one or two more ports may come in handy, but not necessitating a new kvm switch.

II. Belkin and IOgear are both great brands for kvw switches, just make sure to check out user reviews on cnet for particular models. Sometimes they will try out a new feature that won't work so well.

III. Make sure you buy the right cables, if they don't come with the switch.

IV. USB support is almost essential now. One of the models I have is USB, and the other is PS/2, but the USB one is definitely preferred all of our newer computers that don't even have PS/2 ports. Port replication is good for PS/2 switches.

V. Video quality can also be a concern. This is the reason I went with namebrand models.

Most KVM switches work to some satisfaction, but the better ones are much easier to maintain and use on a daily basis.

Good luck!

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KVM Recommendations

by sajjad33 In reply to KVM recommendations

Yea you may find good solutions for KVM in the market. I just mention DLINK Solution as i am using this solution in my LAN Server Farm Structure.

Dlink has the 8-Port KVM Switches in their product line. you can connect up to 8 Servers or PC's to KVM Switch regardless they are having OS Windows or Linux installed. You just need one Monitor, Keyboard and mouse to switch between the PC's installed on KVM.

In the latest models of Dlink KVM has the facility to Stack the KVM Switches if you want and has requirement for more than 8 PC's. Total of 8 KVM Switches can be stacked to each other.

the models coming in DLINK are rack mountable too.

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