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Labor group: Microsoft offshoring work on Longhorn

By Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) ·
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Anti-Microsoft Propoganda

The article is self-contradictory.

In one paragraph, the author claims:

"Microsoft denied that work on key pieces
of Longhorn is being done by third-party
companies but declined to comment on the
number of workers assigned to the
company through contractors in India."

But then in the very next paragraph:

Drake also emphasized that most of the
company's "core" development work is done by
U.S. employees.

Clearly, Microsoft did NOT deny that key pieces of Longhorn were being developed off-shore.

The article is simply a narrative about a "WashTech" report. I've never heard of WashTech, but I HAVE heard of Microsoft.

It would have been really cool if the author had given at least a little info about who this (apparently) Washington based firm is, and why I should take their "report" seriously - especially since everybody already knows that Microsoft has a LOT of off-shore interests.

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