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Lamest excuses for needing a new desktop

By Beth Blakely ·
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Here's a fun Friday discussion: What's the lamest excuse for needing a new desktop that an end-user has ever given you?

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flat screens

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Health & Safety!

"I need a flat screen so I can have more desk space."

Then they pull it forward so the front of it is where the front of the CRT used to be. All that desk space they gained is behind the monitor, unused except by the dust bunnies and stray Post-It (c) notes.

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Slow and acting "funny"

by G.Brown In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...

I have seen quite a few people who think that their machine is too slow and there is "something wrong with it anyway".

People actually wanted a replacement machine because they had installed a load of cr*p on it.

Full of spyware and viruses .... really all it needs is:
Format c:


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But [Insert Executive's Name] has one!

by TomSal In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...

Tell me I'm the only IT folk who ever came across an employee in a non-manager or entry level role and they actually try and justify why they should have a new computer because an executive has a shiney new computer.

I actually had a entry level customer server rep (a minimal exp required / $9.00 an hour position) asking why she can't get a new computer since the Executive VP of the company just got a new computer.

LOL...end users, especially non-manager/entry level -- god I love the entertainment they often provide.

PS. This gal was straight out of high school too.

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Wrong Attitude

by gregtivey In reply to But [Insert Executive's N ...

I have yet to meet an Executive VP who actually uses a PC more than once a day to check email or browse the web. They have a PA who does all the work and runs their life, they could do with any old PC.
I will always arrange for my junior entry people to have access to the best technology as they are the ones sitting all day in front of the machine trying to input work or create wanky reports for the Executive to then use. To have to put up with slow, old technology when it is your primary tool for your entire work day is a gross misuse of resources.
There will always be exceptions but they are RARE.

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I agree wholly, but sadly that is not reality in many places..

by TomSal In reply to Wrong Attitude

Your concept is one I am in agreement with. However in reality when the "upper level management" folks want that new PC, you explain that the frontline folks could use that kind of power and they still say THEY want that new can't bite the hand that feeds you.

As much as we sometimes hunger to do...oooh yeah...the stories I could tell...

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Leasing ends excuses

by hschoenman In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...

We started leasing PCs (for 3 years) about 5 or 6 years ago. Now, any given person is, on average, 18 months away from getting a shiny, new PC.

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"we do the most work..."

by Wick Tech In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...

...ya, they do a lot of writing in Word - and even then, not CLOSE to the most amount of work on the machine. And the same people wonder why the have problems after loading freeware games, search toolbars, and, of course, the spyware that goes with all these "tools". And the same people say "we have the oldest machines here (2-3 years), when several people still work on 4-5 year old systems. No sale here!

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Clean you office

by jdmercha In reply to Lamest excuses for needin ...

User quote: "My computer doesn't work. I need a new one"

Upon entering her cluttered office, I saw a stack of papers (one of many stacks) that had fallen over and was laying on the keyboard, depressig the esc key.

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