LAN Connectivity After a New HDD

By robert.vivarelli ·
I posted a question on this yesterday, but im not sure if I asked the question the right way.

I am attempting to fix an emachines t2682 for a friend who doesnt have the means to get a new one or pay to have it fixed. I know enough to be dangerous..

His HDD went bad. I put a new one in for him and installed XP on it with the restore CD's that came with it. Since doing so I cannot get it to connect through its ethernet port. I reinstalled the drivers several times.(I used one of my computers to download them from the realtek website, onto a flashdrive etc.)
I have checked the tcp/ip settings, all set to auto. My DSL ISP does not have any specific settings. I am connecting through a linksys router although. There isnt anything blocking it through the router either. When I check the activity log on the router this machine does not show up as connected. I can plug another computer into the same line and it will go right online.
When i did an IP Config, everything looks normal, it is showing up with an IP address etc.
I feel like im missing something very simple..
Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks to the two that replied to my last question..

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IP settings

by p.j.hutchison In reply to LAN Connectivity After a ...

What does IPCONFIG show when you run it? Is it getting the right IP address? Have you tried using PING tool (ping itself, ping its router, ping an outside address)?

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Not Tracking

by robert.vivarelli In reply to IP settings

How do I know if it is the correct IP address when I run IPCONFIG?

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ah oh

by CG IT In reply to Not Tracking

Since you have DSL, then I assume you have a DSL router. The DSL router typically has a built in switch that you connect the computers to. The DSL router also typically has DHCP server turned on by default [DHCP provides IP addresses to workstations/hosts].

Depending upon which DSL router you have, the typical address range it will give to workstations/host is 192.168.1. 2-254 or 192.168.2. 2-254 [the or are reserved for the router address].

So when you run ipconfig from the command prompt it will tell you the address of the workstation/host. [see above] if it has 169.X.X.X then DHCP on the router isn't providing an address.

so what IP address do you get on the machine when you run ipconfig from the command prompt?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Not Tracking

It will either return a zero address ( or an APIPA address (169.254.x.x) or an address that does not resemble any other address on your network.

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