LAN connectivity issues

By Qbert0 ·
Newbie in training trying to get a bum network back online.

Small school network running one server 2003.
Setup as a DC, file/printer, VPN, and DNS.
Also features one modem/router, two 24-port switches, about 30 workstations and a few printers.

Was setup with Dual homed Nics but i dissabled one due to not being able to get them working.

Everything is static ip, except tcp/ip set to auto.

1.Can only logon to server and teacher workstation. all other w/s state "no domain setup for user". Both Admin and Users get this reply.
2.Can ping teacher w/s from server but has 75% fail... Teacher cannot ping server.
3.Cannot ping any other w/s. only self and router
3.Teacher can remote access server but server cannot remote to any other computer.
4.Tracert from server to teach gets hung at router/switch.
5.All Nics and patch cables seem to be ok, new switches and modem.
6.Server and teach have internet.

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by Qbert0 In reply to Umm

I do appreciate your help Larry but this isn't helping.
No. I am not an experienced Net Admin. As my first post stated Im in traing.

I know I have to logon to the local account to change ip config... but this network was setup by a programmer who did things her own way... (she put shared files on an external Harddrive?).. and now Im left to clean up the mess.

The LAN was set up for access to certain shared files and programs and only two internet sites. So needless to say I cannot do anything using a client p/w and all of the Admin P/w that are recorded do not allow me access to the client computers. Hence my previous post of "currently no logon servers available to service the logon request".

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by LarryD4 In reply to Honestly...

I see your fustrated but the first thing to do is make sure your local PC's have the correct config for the network.

Ues a test workstation and get the dns and gateway configed for the correct addresses and see where you get.

Aside from that you may need to pull in a consultant for a day or to figure out what the network config was.

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tell you what... if this is a small school network

by CG IT In reply to Honestly...

and your in training, then where's the network administrator who oversees the network? Surely they can provide guidance?

Besides, if you messed up the school network and it hasn't been fixed in a couple of days, I just can't see that happening. It would become apparent to those that hired you that you can't fulfill the job duties.

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Sorry Qbert0 don't buy it

by CG IT In reply to LAN connectivity issues

you miss the fact that schools have local, state and federal regulations that they must comply with, regardless of what charter they have. Even training institutions [glorified diploma mills] that call themselves "schools" have regulations they must comply with.

Here's the paradigm...cryto guys use it

"you can only find it if you already know where it is".

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Umm no CG

by LarryD4 In reply to Sorry Qbert0 don't buy i ...

Umm no CG not that I don't agree with the fact that this got fishy fast.

But I worked in a technology school before what I am doing now and the network admin was the class instructor for MCSE. He walked out the door one day and took everything with him, documents and security info. So my current MCSA class spent the better part of a week rebuilding the entire 75 PC network.

At least in Jersey, I know could open a trade school. I would just need a person with a Masters in Education and a person qualified in the subjects I would want to teach and I'm in business and certified. If I had a Phd. or a partner with a Phd. in education then we could be state certified school that could participate in state funded student enrollment.

Meaning students needing skill rehabilitation, probationers,etc..

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Ft Monmouth and Tinton Falls

by CG IT In reply to Umm no CG

well have to remember that the supreme court ruled on schools and the management and maintenance of data including emails. So there are regulations that schools, whatever flavor have to meet. While you can simply open a trade school, that does not mean that the trade school doesn't have to meet regulations.

So here's some guy saying hey I don't get it and well I feel for him because I to at one time was a FNG. But I still don't buy it.

I've never gone into a network and changed things when I didn't know what I was doing.

As I said "you can only find it if you already know where it is".

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