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By Rick H ·
I have searched this site alot and cannot find this exact problem so here goes. We have 11 computers networked to a win89se server. 2 of the boxes are XP Pro. We use Lantastic for our networking software, a CentrCOM MR820t 10base t/aui HUB/REPEATER, Linksys eatherfast Cable/DSl Router Model # BEFSR41, and a Surfboard SB3100 cable modem. All are set to automatically detect on the Netgear nic's. We save office data and CAD files on the server. The CAD files are the big issue. They open like lightning but take at least 30 seconds to save. Most of these files are less than 1mg. I need to say that I am NOT an IT expert allthough that is part of my job. The server is set up with different groups which have access to different folders with limited rights. I know how to do all that but the really technical things I have to research. (Like this)
Thanks for your help.

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by sean In reply to LAN files OPEN FAST save ...

go to control panel network connections right click lan and go to properties then beside your network card click configure go to advanced then click on media type if set to autosense change to what your network is possibly 100mp half. Then test again

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by howie.erickson In reply to LAN files OPEN FAST save ...

Hi Rick,
If I were to guess, I would say that you have Anti-Virus software on the XP machines that is scanning the files when you close/save them. If you do have Anti-virus software on these machines, try disabling it and see if the problem still exists.


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by lmayeda In reply to LAN files OPEN FAST save ...

Any particular reason for using the Win98 PC as a file server? I would suggest getting rid of it and either get a true network server or in the interim designate one of the XP Pros (the one with more ram) for saving files. Hopefully one of them has a CD burner which can be used to backup data. Hubs/switches are cheap, replace the 10base T with a 10/100/1000 switch (most of the newer PCS have 1gb Nics.)

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by mike In reply to LAN files OPEN FAST save ...

The slowness is a common bug in Lantastic 8.01 (the only one that works with XP). I've been searching for a possible solution on the web for a few days now. Its so bad I'm ready to ditch my DOS machines and ditch Lantastic and go all windows networking.

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by Rick H In reply to LAN files OPEN FAST save ...

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