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Laptop 2 PC with wireless router

By alex ·
1 wireless laptop
1 PC
1 Belkin ADSL modem with built in wireless router

At present the PC and Wireless laptop both connect to the internet ok using the wireless router. What i want to do now is allow the laptop and computer to share files etc. I have been trying to do this using the windows wizards, network places etc. I haven't had any luck. How do i get them to share files???

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by willcomp In reply to Laptop 2 PC with wireless ...

The links below will provide basic information.

If you require further assistance after studying some yourself, post back with much more detailed information regarding your configuration, operating system(s), and steps you have taken.

We are not here to provide basic instruction to novices. That information is readily available on the web for anyone willing to look and learn.


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by razz2 In reply to Laptop 2 PC with wireless ...

I am a bit confussed. RW and willcomp gave links that give STEP-
BY-STEP instructions for you. I gave a basic list of the steps. If
you are asking for the old:

Select the Start Menu and choose Control Panel

Type stuff then we would have to use the allotted characters and
about 20 comments. These staeps are not hard, just many
staeps to check. Some may already be done, but the articles
listed should do it. If the 2 can both browse the Internet then
they are already 'networked'. You simply need to create the
users as mentioned before and share directories to those users.
Again, my guess is you could PING from one to the other.

Machine A is
Machine B is

from A go to a DOS command prompt (start menu, run, type
cmd in the box. hit enter)

At the prompt type:


You should get 4 replies. If that works then use the articles and/
or the help system to add the same users to both PC's and to
share a directory with permissions for those users. EXAMPLE:

If the share is on B

Then from pc A choose Start Menu, Run, type in the box:


Click OK and it should open.

Good Luck,


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by wlbowers In reply to Laptop 2 PC with wireless ...

Go here to see how to configure file sharing:

You might have to dissable the firewall:

Hope this helps


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