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By prashant.waman ·
Hi all,
I am a windows developer (VS2005) and want to buy a very good laptop for development purpose only.
Please suggest me the names of laptop.


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Always a good bet

by Tig2 In reply to Laptop for Windows develo ...

Hi Prashant;
When I purchase technology, I buy the best hardware with the greatest capacity that I can afford. I would much rather buy cutting edge today and have a sense that it will still be useful in three years time.

You will want to consider Dell, HP, and Lenovo as the best of breed for a business system. Dual core processor is a must. Get all the RAM you can find but make sure that your test environment is similar to your end users. Your L2 cache should be in the 4+ GB range and swapable between cores. If you can afford it, quad core is the up and coming technology and might be a real plus for you.

What ever else, you want to get the most powerful thing you can. It will obsolete quickly and you need to get a minimum of three years from it to validate your ROI. Five years is better.

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Dell Inspiron 9400

by larryddodd In reply to Laptop for Windows develo ...

I am using a Dell Inspiron 9400 with 2GB of RAM and I have been developing with VS2005 for about a year now. Things run very fast on this lapton and I have had no problems with my development.

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by geneshaper In reply to Laptop for Windows develo ...

Get a MacBook Pro with 3GB RAM and VM ware or Parallels and install Win Vista Ultimate and Your development environment of choice, and start programming. The fastest Vista Laptop is a MacBook Pro!!

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Still liking my new Lenovo X61T.

by rclark In reply to Laptop for Windows develo ...

Light, got all the right parts and pieces and works. Mostly. Running Vista so still have some bugs. But the hardware is right.

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not a big deal

by Elmonk In reply to Laptop for Windows develo ...

I'm convinced that any current basic notebook offering with a dual processor, 1GB memory and 120+ GB HDD will be sufficient for developing chores using VS2005. I've been using a Dell Inspiron 6400 with 1GB / 80 GB / single proc 1.8 GHz for quite some time and am happy with it, except for VirtualPC for which another GB of RAM would be nice. The system runs XP Pro. I just got a Dell 1521 with 2GB / 160GB and dual AMD at 1.8 GHz. This has Vista Home Premium installed but I have to upgrade to Ultimate to use Virtual PC and some other stuff not supported with Home P.
Hope that's a useful hint.

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Any descent laptop will do.

by ebade In reply to Laptop for Windows develo ...

The main focus should be with your needs and not the brand of the laptop. Here are some pointer that will help you with the needs part of the equation:

1) What Environment am I developing for? Do I need to have a machine that mimics the client's hardware specs or is there some kind of emulation software that will take care of this issue. This is mostly not an issue but there can be special circumstances.

2) How long do I want to keep the computer? May seem trivial but this will also help you (for the most part) to determine the kind of hardware you will need. (Chances are if you want to keep the laptop for more than 2.5 years working at peak performance, you may have to spend over $1000)

3) Processor (Probably some kind of dual core or quad core - if you think you need it - with 64 bit support). I personally have a core 2 duo 2.0 GHz.

4) Memory (At least DDR2 with 2GB space for Vista or 1GB for XP)

5) Hard Drive (This depends on what you need. Some would say at least 80GB is okay and some would disagree. Usually for laptops if you care about performance try to get a HD with a speed of 7200rpm. Most have either 4200 or 5400rpm)

6) Screen and resolution (Should ideally have at least a 15.4in screen with a minimum of resolution of 1024x786)

7) Power (If you are on the road a lot, you may want to get a large battery but most laptop batteries suck especially DELLs. I have an Inspiron laptop with a 9 cell battery that used to last close to 4 hours. It is now down to 15 minutes within a year of purchase. Sad part is that if I want to replace it, I have to replace it with the same piece of crap - Pardon my french).

Video Card (Again this depends on the kind of applications you will be developing)

9) Everything else like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound card, internal card reader, CD-Drive (This is up to you).

There you have it. Now the interesting part. After choosing what you want from above, you can now look at brands and any one that offers the options you selected would be a good choice. That said, the popular brands (DELL, HP, SONY, TOSHIBA, ACER-fairly new into the competitive laptop market) are partly popular because they have been time tested and work for the most part.

Hope this helps...

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Get a fast hard drive

by rrusson In reply to Laptop for Windows develo ...

Here's some good advice from Scott Guthrie of MS fame:

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