laptop Hard disk bent

By Danny_teal ·
Hey Guys,

I?ve got a hard disk that a user has "bent". i.e the top case has got a dint in it.
Tried powering it up with a USB adaptor I?ve got and there is a grinding noise.
I got the top case of hoping that when I did the disks could spin freely and I could at least get the data off. The disk worked for 2 minutes, making a grinding noise still but I wasn?t able to get all the data I need off it. When I look at the disk it looks bent but it also sounds like the motor is faulty as it just doesn?t get up to the right speed and keeps stopping.

If I was to take the disks out of this hard disk and put them in a similar laptop hard disk would this work?

Can I run the disk with just one of the two disks (i.e leaving the none bent one in the drive) to get half the data back?

Thanks for any help given!

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Clean room needed

by mjd420nova In reply to laptop Hard disk bent

If the platters haven't been damaged too much, they could be removed and placed into a good drive mechanism and the data retrieved. Each time that you run the unit while in the damged case, you run the risk of destroying more data by the heads bouncing off the platter. This should be done by a reputable recovery service and can be expensive. It all depends on how important your information is and whether it would be cheaper to replicate it versus recovery costs.

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by Danny_teal In reply to laptop Hard disk bent

for all the responses.
the data isnt too critical I was just interested to see what i could do with it. tried a few things and worked out that its the motor that is caput and decided to give up unless i have another idea.. Its not worth spending money on!! but would have been nice to get something back..

thanks again

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