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Laptop Roaming profiles

By mg_roberts ·
All the users in our domain have roaming profiles. When a laptop user makes changes to their profile at home, then come in and log on to the domain, it reverts the files on the laptop back to the last time they were on the domain.

Some of our users are gone from the office for weeks at a time, so sometimes they lose weeks of data.

I really need help on this, its a huge issue at our company.

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Hibernation issues

by The Ref In reply to Folder redirection

When a notebook is just closed it hibernates and does not replicate. Notebook users need to logoff to cause the replication.

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by mg_roberts In reply to Hibernation issues

and it doesn't matter whether its replicating a folder redirection or a roaming profile correct?

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Remote Desktop/Remote Access

by Aakash Shah In reply to Laptop Roaming profiles

How about approaching your problem a little differently by having the laptop users either use Remote Desktop or some other remote connection tool to remotely access their work computers. This way, when they do work, they are working off their work computers and so there is no sync problem. However, this assumes that the users always have a reliable connection available.

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by SamTheDon In reply to Laptop Roaming profiles

tell me some things,
2)Security patches,
3)firewall settings,
4)OS settings,

some OS revert to the last old saved settings due to the OS which is out of date for the security settings,

let me know

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by mg_roberts In reply to solution

they all run xp, fully patched, with no settings out of the ordinary

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Try ScriptLogic

by shirtbird In reply to Laptop Roaming profiles

Pretty much a fancy program that creates a giant batch file. Each time a user logins to the network, admin specified directories are backed up to a network location - for example, we back up the desktop and my documents. When user A logs in to the network, any new files that have been created since the last log in are uploaded to the server. This allows for easy backup and easy access to files.

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VPN connection

by Papus In reply to Laptop Roaming profiles

Try a VPN connection , so that your users can access the domain remotely.

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RDP/Citrix Option

by ahlbrandj In reply to Laptop Roaming profiles

We use a CITRIX ICA plug in to allow us to access our personal desktops via the web. Internally, the apps sit on a MS Server 2003 system. In this server-based environment, I run programs faster than I can locally and my desktop is available from ANY computer anywhere regardless of age/op-sys. It is also very secure.

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Can you change the sync direction?

by Amnezia In reply to Laptop Roaming profiles

This may be a silly question, but it seems your network is synchronising to the laptop. Can the laptop be set to synchronise to the network instead?

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i dont know

by mg_roberts In reply to Can you change the sync d ...

possibly. but wouldn't that create a problem when the user logs into another pc?

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