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Laptop screen dark - can barely read

By PC Nut ·
When I turn on my Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop, the screen is almost completely black, and I can barely read it. I do see my desktop. Could this be a bad LCD? It's only 4 months old, but the warranty was only 90 days.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptop screen dark - can ...

It could be that the back light is failing and needs replacing if possible or it could just be a display setting that has altered somehow on a shutdown. For some reason windows changes settings randomly when you shut down on occasions so if you go into the display settings and change the contrast and brightness setting and the screen is easily readable again I wouldn't worry. But if that has no effect you'll most likely be up for a replacement screen on the NB as from my reading of the Dell Destruction Manual you can not change the back light. but it might be worth checking the ribbon cable from the monitor has not become loose and is no longer making proper contact.


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Dark Screen on a Gateway MX6027 Notebook

by msimm1227 In reply to

HAL 9000, can you talk me through checking the ribbon cable connection???? Any help, would be great.

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by commonsensetech In reply to Laptop screen dark - can ...

I had the almost the exact same thing happen to a newer Inspiron at work a couple months ago. Lucky we buy everything with 3 year warranties. If you've fiddled with everything that can be fiddled, I'm sorry, it's a bad LCD. Check your local vendors though. I had an IBM LCD **** out of warranty and they were going to zing me for $750 for replacementm, shipping, and labor. I found a guy around here that pulled it off for $425, and it works great. Sorry to be the guy that breaks the bad news. Good luck.

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by matthewhastings In reply to Laptop screen dark - can ...

Definate backlight failure if it is out off warranty I've seen replacements on the net.the tubes come in standard sizes a replacement screen to much $$$$$$

Kind regards,

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by RCOM In reply to Laptop screen dark - can ...

The dark screen is caused by a bad inverter board. This component supplies the high voltage needed to light the screen. This is an inexpensive part and not the hard to install. But should be done by someone that has experience with laptops.

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by slaramie In reply to Laptop screen dark - can ...

Plug your laptop into the power outlet.

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by wlbowers In reply to Laptop screen dark - can ...

Parts are avaible here.


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by ebjerga In reply to Laptop screen dark - can ...

Hi, How did this situation turn out for you? I have the same problem with my Inspiron. It also started about 4 months after purchasing it. One thing that I did discover was that if I connected an external monitor to the notebook, I could then hit Fn-F8 a couple of times and the notebook LCD display would restore back to normal. Does that help with determining the cause? Anyone? Thanks.

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by mjlabas In reply to

Fn-F8 fixed my LCD problem.

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by PC Nut In reply to Laptop screen dark - can ...

I had to replace the LCD and now it works fine. The F8 did not work either.

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