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Last Cup of Joe "Boss Cheating"

By OUfan ·
My IT Manager lets call him "Joe". Has some issues that is affecting an entire building. But
before I start this thread a couple things. Those of you that fire off the one sentence quip about find another job please no need to post that.
"Joe" is also the Director of Operations and has 2 Co-Managers that report directly to him outside of IT. One of the Managers it is widely believed that his is having an affair with. Case in point last week several people tried conacting him in his office in the building (knocking,calling, etc.) while "Female Co-manager" was in there and would not answer phone to anyone. Several people tried contacting him even the Executive Director. Still no answer, He emerged from his office about 30 minutes later looking very flushed.
On several occasions he makes trips to the other Center where she manages which is over 3 hours away for no reason at all.
The mood of the center is dismal. I have complained to the Executive director about his attitude towards the entire staff and his outright neglect of staffing issues. Its my job to support him and maintain user support.
He constantly ties my hands with God like actions of locking me out of permissions based items that is neccessary to do my job. And yet when I tell users or Executive staff that "Joe" has me locked out of it he gets mad and tells me not to tell them that. Even though its true.
I honestly love the company I work for and love doing the work. I have more creative and technical freedom than most people would even dream of. But when it comes to actually doing my job I look like a nut-tard because users are waiting on me waiting on him.
Regular employee's are dropping like flies since he took over as Operations Manager. Most people had worked here years, I mean years, are now leaving.
My wife, who is a therapist, tells me its very much symtoms of leading a double life. That your work performance is directly effected by your personal life. I tend to believe her. In his blatentness about closed doors.
I think the other Co-Manager could sue for reverse sexual descrimination if it was found out the "other" co-manager was getting preferential treatment which has been shown in her going to lunchs with "Joe" and most likely and unproven yet has gotten a better bonus even though her center is less performing.
All of this boils down to what steps should I do for someone who may have had the same thing happen in their office?
I want to ride this out and maybe on the other side have the managers position.
I know discussion board has a echo of bosses gone wild lately but its a great place to see what you might have done or did in same or like situation and kept your job.

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I don't know

by jmgarvin In reply to Huh?

That would make the person culpable if a lawsuit ever crept up (and I'm sure one will)...I don't know if silence is the best bet...

I do know that the ball has already started rolling and he might as well finish what he started (which is spilled milk now). So the plan (to me) is that he continues with the documentation and prepares for the retalitory strike...

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Last Cup of Joe "Boss Cheating"

by grobi43 In reply to Last Cup of Joe "Boss Che ...

In my opinion, you must start attempting to find a professional atmosphere in which you could do some productive work; your boss "Joe" is "Off the chain, jumped the fence and is down the street" There could be no respect for a boss who has allowed this situation to occur on his/her watch; pretty soon there is going to be a major confrontational blowout between this boss and one of his workers, (maybe even you!)you know at the senior technical levels, the whole of the person has to be considered, and if this person has no integrity, they could never be an effective boss/manager/technician!

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It is

by OUfan In reply to Last Cup of Joe "Boss Che ...

It is a professional atmospher.. joking one mostly. But over all Work is done.. But as many have said in the posts that it is construde and is illegal. I just don't feel like its appropriate behavior.
Side Note: I still don;t want to go out looking for another job and Im not preaching to anyone about tolerating this or anything other. Plain and simple.. its bad work ethic.

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