Latency issues when playing video games.

By Dethklok ·
I just installed Windows 7 on my Computer and everytime i try to play an online game like World of Warcraft, my latency is always high. It used to run smooth on windows xp pro. what could the problem be? I have a D-link usb antenna connected to the dongle. its 150mbps. The wireless router is in the room next to me and i have 100% signal.

any suggestions on what i could do to fix this?

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Probably a waste of money

by OH Smeg In reply to window

Getting more RAM unless you are using a 64 Bit OS here.

Any 32 Bit OS is incapable of using more than about 3.2 GIG of RAM and that includes Video RAM as well as System RAM. So if you where to add 1 extra Module to bring it up to 3 GIG you would restrict the system to Single Chanel Mode which is slower than Dual Chanel Mode.

Of course if you are using a 64 Bit OS go for it and fit as much RAM as the M'Board can carry. You'll not believe the improvement in performance.


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by Dethklok In reply to Probably a waste of money

I used to have xp 64 bit but some drivers were hard to find for it. i have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit also but i thought it wouldnt matter since i only have 2GB of RAM. So I installed the 32bit version.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to window

My BIOS with three sticks of 1GB RAM reports that my memory runs in dual channel asymmetric mode.

Single / dual / flex / triple memory modes

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Erm - Not quite ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Interesting

According to your cited diagrams it would have to be Dual Channel INTERLEAVED or Single Channel ASYMMETRIC.

Anyhow, I'd never heard of that before. It definitely is interesting.

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dual channel asymmetric

by Jacky Howe In reply to Erm - Not quite ...

is what the screen displays on startup. If I remove a stick of RAM from the second slot it shows as dual channel interleaved.

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Jacky that's a screwy reading

by OH Smeg In reply to dual channel asymmetric

How have you Installed the RAM here?

The only reason I can see that happening with a Triple Channel M'Board is that Slots 1 & 4 are populated when you remove the RAM Module from the Second Slot so it is running in Dual Channel Mode.

Maybe it's just a poorly written BIOS here not being overly accurate.


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RE: Jacky that's a screwy reading

by Jacky Howe In reply to Latency issues when playi ...

It doesn't matter which combination that I put the three sticks in I get the same result.

It looks like this chipset also supports dual-channel asymmetric memory, so you get dual-channel performance even if you populate three Dimm slots.

Triple channel mode is enabled when identical matched memory modules are installed in each of the three memory channels (blue connectors).

Triple channel mode must equal dual-channel asymmetric.

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