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By roameri ·
1. I get convinced that I must learn HTML.
2. Then I get convinced that I must learn all the fancy extra stuff of WORD.
3. Then its EXCEL.
4. Then its XML.
Because these vendors keep convincing me that I will be a better guy.
I start well but get fed up and lose concentration.
Is this the problem with others ?
Is there a course/site/book/forum om " HOW NOT TO GIVE UP ????

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I'm chicken

by M_a_r_k In reply to Actually,

starg, she won't beat you up. Maybe you're brave enough to send it. It's pretty gross.

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Hey yeah

by Old Guy In reply to Send it to Mae, do you me ...

Stargazer you can send it. I have the link for it instead of an attachment. You're faster than we are.:)

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One question

by stargazerr In reply to Hey yeah

Do I have "looking to be eaten alive" written all over my face??


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Oh, so

by Old Guy In reply to Hey yeah

your a chicken too, huh? Well you know birds of a feather flock together. Oh, well, it might have been worth the fireworks...

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by roameri In reply to If you are trying to get ...

Agree: ' with an attitude of getting fed up ... its not gonna work ... '
But that's why I want to learn 'how not to get fed up.' You are just restating the problem, not providing a solution.
What means ' get cracking ' ?
As for getting fired I own the b***** business and so I'm not vulnerable.
But still I wanna be a better guy. Though also an ' old guy '.

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Hmm ...

by stargazerr In reply to GETTING FED UP

Well before I can start dishing out some advice ... tell me, are you fed up of all the different technologies out there or just fed up of having to learn all the time??


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It is something you enjoy doing?

by ball5ball5 In reply to GETTING FED UP

First step in analyzing a ?stick-to-it? issue is to seriously ask yourself the following:

It is something you LOVE doing?

You will not be able to stay focused on something that you dislike doing. A Fact of Life. This goes for your love life, relationships, and job- all of it. No one can stay committed to something that they do not enjoy doing. A simple test will bear this out:
1) Start a timer- egg timer, stopwatch- whatever is handy.
2) Stand against a wall, facing it.
3) Beat your forehead against said wall.
4) Concentrate.
5) Stay focused on the sound of bone-on-wall.
6) Reply here with your best time.

Sounds trite, I know, but it is one of the more simple universal truths to be found. If what you do and what you love aren?t at least in the same ballpark, you are doomed to mentally wander off toward that which attracts you the most. You see it all the time is lousy marriages.

The absolute best and most honest advice you can get is this: decide what you love then go make money doing it. In my late teens, I was far happier working at a $7/hr. gas station job then I was at my next job which paid me close to 10 times that amount.

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Let me add.. (And actually answer the question)

by faradhi In reply to LEARNING A NEW COMPUTER A ...

Take my advice... I'm not using it.

I felt overwhelmed when I started IT and worried about keeping up. Ultimately, I was told that no one can keep up with all of the tech out there. I keep up with as much as I can.

Then when I leave work, I do something else. Shoot pool, exercise (rarely), wife, Watching the 4th ranked Memphis Tigers whoop up on the competition, etc. Occasionally, I will read about a new tech while not a work. But I enjoy life. If it gets too bad I take a sanity day.

In short, do your best, know that you cant know everything, and enjoy life. When all else fails, post something dumb your end users did here and let people remind you what IT is all about. :)

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Re: Tigers

by Old Guy In reply to Let me add.. (And actuall ...

Faradhi, it's whup up on here in the South.:)

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I beg your pardon.

by faradhi In reply to Re: Tigers

I'm a navy brat and gettin my learn on everyday bout the southrn vernacular.

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