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By roameri ·
1. I get convinced that I must learn HTML.
2. Then I get convinced that I must learn all the fancy extra stuff of WORD.
3. Then its EXCEL.
4. Then its XML.
Because these vendors keep convincing me that I will be a better guy.
I start well but get fed up and lose concentration.
Is this the problem with others ?
Is there a course/site/book/forum om " HOW NOT TO GIVE UP ????

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May I help?

by Old Guy In reply to I beg your pardon.

Correct Southern translation for your sentence:
I'm a navy brat -n- gittin' mah larnin' everday bout do suthern way to talk...

(we don't know nuthin bout no vernacular here)

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How 'bout this teach...

by faradhi In reply to May I help?

them thar tigers whupped up on tho' Vols!!!!

WOO HOO!!!! :-)

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by Old Guy In reply to How 'bout this teach...

Wasn't that awesome???

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Most definitely.

by faradhi In reply to Absolutely!

Best win of the season!

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First thang you gotta do iz....

by ball5ball5 In reply to I beg your pardon.

"I'm a navy brat and gettin my learn on everyday bout the southrn vernacular."

First thang you gotta do if'n yer gonna do that is to qwit usin' big words like "vernacular".

Now I gotta headache....


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Thank you.

by faradhi In reply to First thang you gotta do ...

Im still Larnin. TOG is my teach. But be needin a tutor. :)

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So...are you "a better guy" now?

by bschaettle In reply to LEARNING A NEW COMPUTER A ...

You wrote: "Because these vendors keep convincing me that I will be a better guy."

This is no reason to learn anything -- the only goal these vendors have is to make money. Only you can decide what you really need to know to run your business effectively and serve your customers.

The best way to "not give up" is to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Find that niche and learn it well.

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by roameri In reply to So...are you "a better gu ...

That's the problem:
I love Excel (A+)
I love PowerPoint (A+)
I love HTML (A)
I love Word (A+)
I love XML (A)
But my span of concentration has shrunk. Is it because of age or because of intolerance due to a saturation of satiety ?
I started young with servicing mechanical calculators and have gone through punched cards, paper tape, 1401, Data General all the stuff upto MS. Always deeply interested in learning the new stuff.
But now there is nothing really new and great like say Excel.
Do others feel the same ?

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Oh, you just ain't lookin'....

by ball5ball5 In reply to DO WHAT YOU LOVE

As to your point about there being nothing new and great, I would strongly suggest that you step into a good beginner's Linux Distro. Free downloads of a complete OS, tons of new & usable stuff to learn in there. For starters, I would highly recommend the Mandriva flavor.

As to your point regarding your span of concentration having shrunk of late, I have experienced the same feeling over the last year or so. I am unsure of your age but looking at where you?ve been, I can venture a guess. Age has a lot to do with the ability to learn and retain new info. Get yourself some healthy things going- walk a lot, take the stairs, etc. and keep the gray matter flush with oxygen. If it?s affecting your ability to make a living, talk to your doc about getting some attention deficit meds (Adderal, etc.). And before you ask, yes- I?m serious. They exist for a reason and they work. Back in the day, we used to call those meds ?speed? and might have used them recreationally or to cram for exams, but they served the same purpose- they help maintain focus, energy and retention.

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Whether you are doing something repetitively or not...

by billclewis2 In reply to LEARNING A NEW COMPUTER A ...

is the question that will drive your need to learn something new. Ask yourself will abbreviating this task save me needless keystrokes or time?

If you do anything, as in Word, over and over, then that is the determinant for you to write a macro or look for a key-board shortcut. Examine yourself and how you work, doing something more than three times or so implies a need to look for a time-saving shortcut.

Always ask yourself, is there a better way? You must identify a need before you will be compelled to find a solution. If you can think of a better way, then there is a means of implementing it using VB script/macros/keyboard shortcuts.

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