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Legality of Computer Servalence

By gengle@harringtonsignal. ·
This employee is not a team player and he will use these things against us:

1) He has a physical Disability
2) Is Homosexual
3) Threatens the company
4) We had software application license issues

We have a application called SPECTOR installed on his PC and it records every action. We have compiled 70+ pages of proof of violates. What we want to know is if anyone has legal advice about the proof. Can we legally fire him for the recordings that were made without him knowing it? Thesepages include personal emails with sexual content. The last question is how would I approach firing him? I am just so concerned this will turn out with the cops showing up and this is so vital that we don’t have a conflict.


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Legality of Computer Servalence

by Aaron V In reply to Legality of Computer Serv ...

I think others have covered the privacy v. corporate resource issue. For the license issues, is this licenses the employee is violating, or is it the organization is not in compliance.

If it is the latter, your organization needs to put forth good faith to resolve the issue. Track down your purchase history/PO's and physical licenses. Then manually or using a tool (MS SMS, HP DTA, IBM Tivoli, etc), collect the software inventory on the systems. Then work with your vendors to get to compliance. If you are attempting to get back to compliance, most vendors will not call out the software police, so long as you are maintaining due diligence and good faith.

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Legality of Computer Servalence

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