Lenovo N100 battery wont charge

By shpatel1 ·
My N100 is a little over a year old and suddenly yesterday, my computer just stopped charging my battery. The battery was working fine until now and had almost a 3 hour battery life. Now when I plug in my computer it no longer charges. Why?

Also the laptop itself works perfectly fine and I have no issues with it as long as its plugged into the wall.

Any suggestions of where the problem may lie? Is it the battery?


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Most likely

by retro77 In reply to Lenovo N100 battery wont ...

Batteries are funny. I have had laptops where they last forever and others where they "wear out" after a year or two. Its probably under warranty, call IBM/Lenovo up.

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The most common thing to happen to a NB Battery

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Lenovo N100 battery wont ...

Is that it lasts less time as it gets older till it eventually stops working all together. If they go from working properly to not working it defiantly sounds like a faulty battery.

The first option here is to contact IBM/Lenovo and see if they issued a Recall Notice on the Battery, if they did they will replace it and if they didn't it should still be covered by IBM warranty depending on what is involved and if you purchased an extended warranty.

If you can not get the maker to replace the battery you can get it repacked by one of the many Battery re packers which tends to be slightly cheaper than buying a new battery and the repacked batteries tend to last longer as they have a bigger capacity much of the time but before having the battery repacked check out the prices involved for repacking and buying a new one.


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Motheboard is the problem

by sendo_cuya In reply to Lenovo N100 battery wont ...

I think your laptop motherboard have a problem.
not your battery. we have tried to open some motherboard of that laptop and some of the IC that triggers the battery have a problem.

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Lenovo N100 Battery Problem

by hafeez_bhatti In reply to Motheboard is the problem

Hi Dear,

Can you tell me ICs number that you changed to done ok.

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ZOMBIE ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Lenovo N100 Battery Prob ...

Just in case anyone inadvertently dives into the deep end on this one.

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Battery won't charge

by eggestad In reply to Lenovo N100 battery wont ...

I saw your posting, and I would like to add that the exact
same thing happened to me a couple of weeks back, and
other similar mailings have had a follow-up suggesting
that it has to do with an operating system setting;
however, my machine is running CentOS 4.4, and all other
postings seem to indicate a windows environment - well, I
suspect that it may be either a host hardware problem or
the battery itself?

any other suggestions?

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Lenovo Battery Stopped Working

by rohit.rajanna In reply to Lenovo N100 battery wont ...

After an year my Lenovo N100 0768 battery is not working , the battery's - LED ( which is at the front) is not showing any signal. When AC power cable is plugged , the battery's-LED is visible for 5sec and later it goes OFF.. I could see the battery been detected from the OS(Control Panel--> Power Options--->Power Meter), where the battery life is shown, but if I remove the AC Cable..the system goes OFF. Can anyone tell me ..IS there anything in the OS level needs to be done...

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Lenovo N100 Battery Stopped Working

by axay.gupta In reply to Lenovo Battery Stopped Wo ...

hey Rohit, could you get any solution to ur problem with the battery..?? duded i am facing the same problem and i doubt, it can be a mothboard problem coz just yesterday after about 5 weeks my battery started charging.. and it charged to the 100% .. but when i tried inserting the cable back, the same problem occurs.. battery light flashes for 5 secs and goes out again.. dude if u have a solution.. mail me at thanx

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Facing same prob...

by mail2mghosh In reply to Lenovo Battery Stopped Wo ...

I am also facing same prob. with Lenovo N100. Please help me if you have already found any solution. My email id is


Manoj Ghosh

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Same Problem

by rbdhoot In reply to Facing same prob...

I am too facing the same problem with my N100. Notify if you get any solution.

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