Lenovo T530 Battery charging conundrum

By Dawid Booysen ·
I have a Lenovo T530 (2429-GZ6) Win7 32bit Enterprise that will not charge its battery. It has just been imaged for the first time as it is to be deployed as soon as it is fixed.

Battery current capacity remains the same when attempting to charge of the standard charger (does not increase or decrease). When using a T520 standard charger the battery charges (current capacity increases).

Actions already tried:
Completely Discharged Battery: Battery not charging
Put battery in another T530: Battery Charges
Used another working T530 charger: Battery not charging
Cooled Battery: Battery not charging
Used another working AC Jack: Battery not charging
Used another T530 Battery: Battery not charging
Used T520 standard charger: Battery charges
Started Notebook without Battery: Notebook starts up normally
Attemp to charge while notebook is completely off: Battery not charging
Checked power plans and settings(win & bios): Battery not charging

I have not encounterd this before and any thought would be appreciated.

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It seems that

by robo_dev In reply to Lenovo T530 Battery charg ...

The charging circuit on the motherboard of that device is malfunctioning.

The T520 power supply is 20V at 4.5 A (90 Watts) while the
T530 is 16V at 3.36A (54 Watts)

Overall, a power supply won't deliver more current than what is asked for, so the higher wattage rating is OK.


The reason for the 16V versus 20V is that electronic components come in certain voltage ratings (16, 20, 50V). The charger circuit parts in the newer unit are made with cheaper (16V) rated components that would likely overheat and fail prematurely if you fed them 20V.

If the scenario is somebody was using the old power supply all along, then they fried the charger circuit of the motherboard by feeding it more voltage than it was designed to handle.

If, however, the 16V supply was used from the start, then the motherboard charger circuit died without anyone's help.

The circuit will work with lots more current/voltage pushed thru it since electronics can fail in unpredictable ways, and if a component like a resistor controlling a voltage regulator goes out of spec, then more power may overcome that problem.

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Reponse To Answer

by Dawid Booysen In reply to It seems that

Thank you for the detailed response. The Laptop is new and the only charger used until the failure was it's own. I will replace the motherboard.

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T530 Battery charging

by t_selec In reply to Lenovo T530 Battery charg ...

Hope that helps
I found documentation that stated this: New battery models (70 , 70 , 81 , 82 ) feature a hardware authentication chip. These batteries will work in 2012 and older ThinkPads. Existing battery models (55, 55 , 55 , 66 ) do not have a hardware authentication chip and will be recognized, but not be charged, in 2012 ThinkPads.....

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