Lenovo T60 dead laptop?, Possible GPU failure...

By anikulkov ·
Greetings to you all!
So here's the skinny:
I've got a lenovo T60 which powers on to a 'dead' state, the hard drive tries to run, the fan kicks in (both for about 3 seconds just after pressing the power button). Then, only the power supply, battery and the outlet power LEDs are lit. At first I was thinking it was a GPU failure, but I am starting to think that it is something else since the machine doesn't seem to boot up fully at all. Any ideas or pointers in the right direction?
P.S. It is not a battery issue or RAM issue, I have already troubleshooted those options.

Thank you in advance,

Yours truly


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Try another monitor

by Jacky Howe In reply to Lenovo T60 dead laptop?, ...

You could give the inside of the case a blowout with compressed air. When blowing air through the fans make sure that you physically stop them from spinning, as they may generate power and cause damage.

Next, remove the Heatsink, give it and the CPU top a thorough clean with a cotton cloth and reseat the CPU applying new CPU grease. Arctic is a good brand.

If the Fans spin freely when you give them a spin they are probably OK. If there is resistance replace them.

Clean the Cooling Vents

Depending on the model, vents can be found on the side, back, and/or bottom of the notebook PC. These vents allow air to flow through the PC and keep it cool. Buildup inside these vents impedes the cooling process.

Clean I/O Ports

The back of the notebook PC has a series of ports. After cleaning the cooling vents, take the compressed air and **** out any debris that may have accumulated in and around these ports.

Clean the RAM

Clean the golden edge of each memory stick with a soft rubber/eraser, remembering not to touch the golden edge of the memory stick. Check with one stick at a time, remembering to disconnect the power from the PC.

One way to help in this situation to help cool the unit is to use a Notebook Cooling Chill Mat, something like this.

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The Lenovo Hardware Maintenance Manual

by OH Smeg In reply to Lenovo T60 dead laptop?, ...
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by anikulkov In reply to The Lenovo Hardware Maint ...

Thank you Jacky Howe and OH Smeg for your suggestions. I have already done the basic hardware maintenance. BTW good tip on stopping the fan from spinning, I have never thought of it generating static from spinning.
After all this, I am now strongly leaning towards the motherboard failing.

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That is a bummer

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks

you will have a bit of work ahead of you if you replace it. Good Luck

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The Spinning Fan

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks

Doesn't generate Static but it does generate Electricity which can damage the M'Board. The Fans have a permanent Magnet in them which works by a electro magnetic generated by the M'Boards 12 V DC Circuit creating a Magnetic Field which acts against the Permanent Magnet to spin the fan. If you vary the voltage the speed of the fan varies.

But if you spin the fan the spinning Magnet generates Electricity when the Magnetic Fields interact with the Wound Coils of what is used to generate Magnetic Fields of the Electro magnetics. This produces AC Voltage which that section of the M'Board can not Handel so damage is done to the DC Circuits.


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