Lenovo t60 power-on password screwup...

By papagoejoe ·
Hi Experts,

I took a Lenovo t60 laptop from a friend the other day as he wanted me to do a fresh install of Windows XP on it for him (it came with Vista , who want's that!?). However, I could not change the settings in the BIOS to boot from the CD/USB to initiate the new install.

I finally realised why these options were disabled, it was because I was only entering the BIOS in "user" mode. The BIOS is password protected however, if you enter a blank password you gain access to the BIOS, but as I mentioned you get limited functionality. So, after about 10 hours of research I noticed that most people suggested the only way to reset the passwords all together was to remove the CMOS battery to clear the data, so this I tried.

However, all this did was add more fuel to the fire. I now recieve errors such as "System Security. The system has been tampered with." and "Check time & date..." somthing along those lines. The "Check date & time..." one is the one that comes all the time. When it gets past the initial start-up screen these errors appear (not always at the same time) and then I am prompted for a power-on password. My friend says, that he never entered such password (he might have though, he is not very bright with computers), and the default (merlin) does not work.

Is there anyway at all I can retrieve/reset/disable this password in a quick/cheap/easy way? As I am dreading telling my friend that I have broke his laptop could you help me out please!!?



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I can't figure out which is the biggest lie . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Lenovo t60 power-on passw ...

1. Limited access to the BIOS
2. Empty password for BIOS entry
3. A CD/USB combined boot option
4. 10 hours of research

Why not just ask your friend for the password?

TechRepublic takes a 'No Response' stance whenever a post concerns breaking or circumventing BIOS passwords.

You are Sh!t out of luck and have indeed 'broke' your friend's laptop.

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I hope you have enough credit left on your credit card

by ManiacMan In reply to Lenovo t60 power-on passw ...

because you're going to have to buy your friend a new laptop or pay a professional repair service to fix it.

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This is so simple that it's not funny

by OH Smeg In reply to Lenovo t60 power-on passw ...

Replace the M'Board in this unit. The T60 have a dedicated Chip soldered onto the M'Board that stores the Passwords and Encryption Keys if they are being used.

It is impossible to override this in any form whatsoever short of fitting a New M'Board.

Simple though some what expensive fix. As they say you broke it you fix it and don't mess with things that you don't know anything about.


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This can be fixed without...

by normhaga In reply to This is so simple that it ...

Sending the unit back to Lenevo. But it is not a job for tha faint hearted. THe chip you are talking about is a flash PROM. It can be read and written to. But as said it is not a job for the faint hearted, but it also does not require replacement of the MB.

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Re: Lenovo t60 power-on password screwup

Since you have Boshed up another persons computer, you can do a restore, it is the "ThinkVantage" button, Hopefully you did not do any harm to the backup section on the harddrive. Hope all works out for you.

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by papagoejoe In reply to Lenovo t60 power-on passw ...

Thanks guys, problem solved, free of charge

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t60 pw recovery

by Juan In reply to thanks


How were you able to do this ?


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help please

by sales In reply to thanks

i have had a very similar problem happen to me and i am poor i cant afford to buy this guy a new laptop can you please tell me what you did to get past it and please send your reply to

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by chudupz In reply to thanks

sup man?? im jus another unlucky kid that was in ur position.... could u plz tell me how i could fix mine.. plz im desperate

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Solution has already been posted.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to papagoejoe@...

Take it to an authorized service center where they can replace the MB.

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