Lenovo T60 runs with T2300 processor not with T7200, starts then shuts off

By robboman84 ·
Lenovo T60 runs with original T2300 processor, installed T7200, starts and shuts off, re-installed T2300 runs. Ckd Intel and Lenovo for T7200 drivers, found 64bit processor help but can only install on a running 64bit system - catch 22. ZUpdated all chipset drivers I could find plus all recommended by Intel and Lenovo, no luck, Ideas?? Ready to dump Microsoft and install Linux since I have it on several PC's machines already, just not sure if that would cure the problem. Took it all apart and ckd all connections, all good, but only runs with T2300 - this has got to be something simple I am missing.

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How long is the system running for here?

by OH Smeg In reply to Lenovo T60 runs with T230 ...

If it's shutting down while it's posting you have a Hardware issue but if it just shuts down while loading your OS it's a Driver problem which will probably require a Repair Install of the OS. That supposes that the OS you are using has that option of course. If it doesn't you need to reinstall the OS.

As for something simple did you clean the Heatsink on the CPU? If you didn't it may be partially clogged which is OK for the slower CPU but it's not shedding as much heat with the faster CPU and causing the CPU to overheat and the CPU Protection Circuity kicks in and shuts the system down. I'm assuming that you have of course replace the Thermal Paste between the Heatsink and CPU of course and made sure that any Protection covering on the new CPU has been removed.


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Assuming you updated BIOS? Stepping Code Wrong?

by robo_dev In reply to Lenovo T60 runs with T230 ...

Is this failing at POST or shutting off in Windows?

For the T61 there was an issue with different processor vs MOBO revisions...

so not all processors were compatible with all MOBOs since there was stepping code 0, E1, E0, etc. The stepping code is laser-etched on the processor heatsink cover

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I gather the new processor is installed right and fully seated,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Lenovo T60 runs with T230 ...

did you enter the BIOS and check if it's now using the correct settings to access that processor?

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I wonder if the issue is hardware related -

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Lenovo T60 runs with T230 ...

the T2300 is listed as a 32 bit process while the T7200 is listed as a 64 bit processor. This makes me wonder if the rest of the system's hardware is all 64 bit or maybe something is 32 bit only and thus not able to handle the 64 bit processor. Also, the T7200 draws a higher power level than the T2300.

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