Let's have some help here, please, people

By neilb@uk ·
Out of the blue I've just received an email saying that I've become eligible for a paid-leave sabbatical that I can take next year. Under the terms that I joined my current employer it would seem that my previous term of employment has been taken into account and I'm due a one-off sabbatical of seven weeks or eight if I leave it until 2010.

I find that I've worked for eight years for an organisation that has only existed for four years but who's complaining?

I can do whatever I like with it.

So, what should I do with it?

What would YOU do?


The only downside (and it's not really a biggie for me) is that if I voluntarily leave my job within a year of taking that sabbatical, I have to reimburse them for the pay.

Edited to add "please"

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It's government

by neilb@uk In reply to Seriously consider

Well, quasi-governmental at least. They have stopped the practise for joiners over the last couple of years.

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I believe that the Poms call this

by OH Smeg In reply to Let's have some help here ...

Gardening Leave don't they?

Check it out and then recheck it. I would first want to know how I had managed to work for a place for 8 years that has only been going for 4 years.

Of course if the previous employer was brought out by the current one then they would have had to carry over any entitlements that you where owed by the previous owner. If that is the case grab the time off when it suits you but first make sure that this time you have not given the company the Kiss of Death by working there. After all if they go broke before the time limit is up they are likely to come after you for the money.

OH when you take the time off come over here and take my daughter off my hands I need a holiday from her for about 50 or so years.


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Gardening leave

by neilb@uk In reply to I believe that the Poms c ...

is when you resign from a company and they choose not to make you work out your notice.

It's not looking so good, anyway, Col, as HR now are saying that ALL previous employment doesn't count and only people who have worked here since the organisation was formed - Jan 2004 - will be eligible in 2009. People from the government organisations that came to make up my current employer definitely cannot use their previous tenure but we in IT are different as we were originally outsourced IT support and were brought into the organisation in September 2005 by a process called TUPE which should carry across length of employment.

We will see.

I don't want the thread to stop because worst case is I get five weeks in 2011 and it's nice for people to dream as well.

Neil :)

As for your daughter, send a photograph and I'll consider it. Does she stand to inherit anything?

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Now come on Neil when she was in the UK

by OH Smeg In reply to Gardening leave

A few years ago doing a World Tour she scared you off then and you had seen her picture so I'm assuming that things haven't changed any since then.

As for Inheriting anything not if I can help it I'm planing on spending it all on myself leaving them nothing. :^0

I've paid to drag em up to the current stage isn't it time I get to enjoy some of my own money? Both kids have keep me poor and even now the son & his wife have moved back home.

The daughter has just bought a house so if you play your cards right you may get that but as it's in AU$ it's not worth much when you look at UK Pounds or Euros. Only about $800,000.00 AU which is about $4.50 UK.

I can't afford to eat if I'm paying for things in the UK when I'm there. It's really expensive all I can say is Thank God for the Expense Account that way I get to eat and stay in a Hotel when I'm in the UK otherwise I'd be going hungry and sleeping on a park bench if I could even afford that level of accommodation.


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Bumper sticker

by cmiller5400 In reply to Now come on Neil when she ...

I love the bumper stickers on the big RV's that say, "I'm spending my kids inheritance."

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My NEW bumper sticker I just got

by jdclyde In reply to Bumper sticker
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I have an idea for part of it

by jck In reply to Let's have some help here ...

Take a couple of weeks and come back to the USA, and schedule at least one day that we can go have some pints. We'll go somewhere like London Bus or MacDinton's.

Hope to see you again sometime, Neil.

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Ignore duplicate

by JamesRL In reply to I have an idea for part o ...
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Ignore duplicate

by JamesRL In reply to I have an idea for part o ...
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How about a TR world tour...

by JamesRL In reply to I have an idea for part o ...

Or at least Europe, North America and Australia.

You could go for the record for meeting TR insiders in person. I'm at 2. (Tigger going to HQ doesn't count)


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