Let's have some help here, please, people

By neilb@uk ·
Out of the blue I've just received an email saying that I've become eligible for a paid-leave sabbatical that I can take next year. Under the terms that I joined my current employer it would seem that my previous term of employment has been taken into account and I'm due a one-off sabbatical of seven weeks or eight if I leave it until 2010.

I find that I've worked for eight years for an organisation that has only existed for four years but who's complaining?

I can do whatever I like with it.

So, what should I do with it?

What would YOU do?


The only downside (and it's not really a biggie for me) is that if I voluntarily leave my job within a year of taking that sabbatical, I have to reimburse them for the pay.

Edited to add "please"

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I remember

by JamesRL In reply to Let's have some help here ...

Interviewing at Apple in the late 80s. They had a program for a years sabbatical after 5 years - paid. Boy that made me want to get in there.

They explained that many people came back and handed in their resignation - the only condition of taking the time waas you had to write an essay about what you would like to do with your career when you return, and many people decided to break away and form their own company.


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You could qualify as a pilot ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Let's have some help here ...

You only require 40 hours in the air before you can sit your PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) exam.

Who else around you has taken advantage of this offer - what did THEY do?

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We're a new organisation

by neilb@uk In reply to You could qualify as a pi ...

so no-one has qualified yet.

The whole thing has got a bit involved, now, and I might not get anything until 2011 as I was not working FOR my current employer when it was first formed but AT my current employer whilst working for someone else.


A cruel and unusual punishment! Send me an email saying I'm up for seven weeks paid holiday, wait a day and then send me another to tell me that I'm not!

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I had 7 years as Print Buyer at MAFF, so ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to We're a new organisation

I'm well aware of the nature of the beast.

The general watchwords at MAFF were 'don't act on it right away, just wait a bit first' - initially that annoyed me. In the latter years I had begun to understand. Eventually I just HAD to get away: 'Job-for -life' yeah, but what kind of life?

When MAFF transformed into DEFRA my old buildings at Chessington & Tolworth Toby Jug got bulldozed (maybe to leave no trace).

Don't suppose they'd have got away with bulldozing the left-hand side of Horseferry Road though! :)


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RE: A cruel and unusual punishment

by OH Smeg In reply to We're a new organisation

Neil are you sure you are not working for a Government Department? It certainly sounds like one.


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Col, we are an independent regulator and competition authority

by neilb@uk In reply to RE: [i]A cruel and unusua ...

formed from a bunch of government departments.

We're not government although I suppose that a lot of people would see us as a government organisation as we are a central regulation body. We are and not


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Neil they just sound like a Government Department by the descriptions

by OH Smeg In reply to Col, we are an independen ...

Given above.

I used to work with Government Departments a lot back then and when I had had a Gut Full of all the Silliness I walked away and have never looked back.

When I walked I left Government & Medical Work behind me and I've only been hit with a couple of Medical Jobs since that I couldn't get out of and Thank God no more Government Work. It felt that I was bashing my head against a Brick Wall in attempting to solve the problems that the Bureaucrats placed in the way to prevent anything getting done.

Remember that picture of the workmen installing bollards that you posted a while ago that reminds me of a Typical Government Department. It's Technically Perfect but no matter how much you try it will never work properly.


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by Jacky Howe In reply to We're a new organisation

Business does'nt have a heart anymore it is all number crunching, this number $. The company that my wife works for does'nt pay overtime it goes into a bank of hours. When you acrue too many hours you get forced to take it as paid leave. You can't win.

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not the "hour bank"

by jdclyde In reply to Heartless

funny how the window to make a withdrawl is almost always closed on those things, huh?

I had a job where they tried pulling that, working on a college campus. Just before every semester, there was a mad rush to get all the systems ready for the coming semester, so for two weeks, very long days.

I informed them I was taking a withdrawl of a full day the following week (on a friday). They told me I wouldn't be able to, so I told them I was leaving at my normal time because I was not going to be extorted into putting hours into a bank that I couldn't use.

I got the friday off.

Now I am just salary, so it isn't an issue. If I have to work over the weekend or late one day, I take a different day off. B-)

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You are lucky

by Jacky Howe In reply to not the "hour bank"

OH does'nt have that choice. There is a mad rush to take the leave because if it isnt taken before the end of the financial year they have to cough up.

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